Four more gaming PCs you might actually buy for an RTX 3080 Ti, 3070 Ti, or 3060 Ti on Cyber Monday

On Black Friday, I introduced you to an extremely curated selection of gaming PCs that might actually be good value for the money and deliver serious GPU oomph at a time when those GPUs are

A Beginners’ Guide to WordPress File Permissions

You’ll often find that file permissions display as three-digit numbers, or a string of letters and characters. It’s rare you’ll see only the explicit values named. While it’s important to understand what these mean, we’ll

The best early Cyber Monday deals on 4K TVs

4K TVs of all sizes and specs see price cuts several times throughout the year, but the time when we usually see the highest concentration of stellar deals is right now, as Cyber Monday is

India says not to preorder Starlink until it obtains a license

India has instructed the public not to preorder Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite-based internet service, according to a report from Reuters. As the report notes, the Indian government says that the company needs to obtain a license

The best Black Friday deals you can get right now

Black Friday has been happening through all of November, but now it’s really here because it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US. If you’re enjoying some much-needed rest with friends and family, we want

The best Black Friday tech deals under $50

What can $50 get you these days? Turns out, quite a lot; you just need to know where to look. We’ve already rounded up all the best early Black Friday deals for getting your shopping

10 Best Screen Capture Browser Extensions

Screen capture is the quickest way to share your work or current page with anyone. Though there are many screen capture desktop tools (and we previously did a post on that), but if your work

Roblox sues YouTuber for temporarily shutting down conference with fake terrorist threat

Game and social platform Roblox has sued a YouTube creator it banned from the platform over harassment and sexual content, saying he amassed a “mob” that temporarily shut down its October developers conference. The Roblox

20+ Best Free Screen Capture Tools

Virtual workplaces are gaining much popularity these days. But when you’re working with virtual teams, you need some tools to ensure efficient communication. A screen capture tool or screen capture borwser extension is ideal in

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