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Wouldn’t life be more fun if charging bricks looked like tiny Macintosh computers?

Accessory-maker Shargeek has launched an Indiegogo to fund a 35W USB-C charger shaped like a tiny Apple Macintosh computer. The page for the Retro 35’s crowdfunding campaign is very careful not to mention the name

Google’s ad dominance targeted by a second probe from the UK’s competition watchdog

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched a new investigation into Google’s advertising business over fears the company is unfairly freezing out competitors. It’s the second open probe the CMA has on Google,

Dyson eyes robots that can do your household chores

Dyson has shown off a series of prototype robots it’s developing, and announced plans to hire hundreds of engineers over the next five years in order to build robots capable of household chores. The images

Google Maps’ historical Street View imagery comes to mobile

Google Maps’ Street View feature is getting a couple of upgrades to celebrate the service’s 15th anniversary, the search giant announced today. The first is a new feature coming to its iOS and Android apps

How to Disable Location Tracking in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a number of new useful features, one of which is location tracking. The location tracking feature allows Windows 11 to track your location and provide you with relevant information and suggestions

AMD believes it can build a better cheap laptop with 10 hours of battery

Just a few years ago, you could barely find a laptop with an AMD chip. Then, they started sprouting up in a few of the best notebooks you could buy. Now, AMD says its chips


Apple display supplier could lose out on large iPhone 14 order after it was reportedly caught cutting corners

Chinese display manufacturer Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) could lose out on 30 million display orders for the upcoming iPhone 14 after it reportedly altered the design of the iPhone 13’s display to increase yield rate,

Boeing’s Starliner successfully docks to the International Space Station for the first time

This evening, Boeing’s new passenger spacecraft, the CST-100 Starliner, successfully docked itself to the International Space Station — demonstrating that the vehicle can potentially bring humans to the ISS in the future. It’s a crucial

Meta tells employees to stop discussing abortion at work

A Meta executive told employees on Thursday that they are prohibited from talking about abortion on Workplace, an internal version of Facebook, citing “an increased risk” that the company is seen as a “hostile work