Create a Beautiful Typographical Design in Only 10 Minutes with Adobe Photoshop

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial is a good example of a typographic image with a simple message: It’s OK to make mistakes. I designed this using the concepts I have discussed in the previous parts of the blog. Let’s get started!
2. Next, add a new layer. Name it “background”. Double click it to show the LAYER STYLE window.

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8. Now type the message on the ribbons. In this case I used the Yellow Peas Demo font. I colored it black. For the center message, I used the Vermin Vibes 2 White and colored it #6274b2.

This fact might give you an impression that text is really boring. But what if it isn’t? What if text, which is used mainly to detail, is used for design? How is that possible? Of course, through typography.
10. Save it as a JPEG file.
10. Save it as a JPEG file.
1. Open Photoshop. Create a new file. I used a preset size with a width of 8 inches and height of 10 inches, with 300dpi. You can, of course, change this one to any size you want.

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