25 Creative Hero Image Mockup Templates & Scene Generators

Back To School Hero Image Scene Generator
The Hero Banner Maker contains a PSD with more than 300 images. It also includes backgrounds and effects, allowing you to create the perfect banner in minutes.

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Food Mockup Toolkit

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Mock-up Creator / Hero Desktop

1. RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator

Artist Hero Mockup Generator

RS Desk Mockup Scene CreatorRS Desk Mockup Scene Creator

2. Beer & Bar Hero Images Scene Generator

This mockup creator is perfect if you’ve got a photography-related project you’re working on. 11 professional scene elements, 14 mock ups, 3 pre-made scenes and 3 wedding badges.

Beer & Bar Hero Images Scene GeneratorWith these 25 creative hero images and scenes generators you can quickly create beautiful and diverse HD resolution scenes for your mockups, websites, prints, banners and more! In this collection, you will find some great generators for various types of websites, from design and office to even food and drink websites.

3. Golden Hero Image Scene Generators

Fight Sport Hero Image Generator

Golden Hero Image Scene GeneratorsIf you’ve got a car-related project, the Automotive Hero Image and Header Mockup is an excellent choice for you. This mockup has fully layered elements with optional and modifiable drop shadow.

4. Christmas Desk Hero Image Scene Generators

Desktop Creator Mockup

Christmas Desk Hero Image Scene GeneratorsWedding Hero Image Scene Creator

5. Food Mockup Toolkit

Artist’s Desk Scene and Hero Image Generator

Food Mockup ToolkitChristmas Desk Hero Image Scene Generators

6. Wedding Hero Image Scene Creator

RS Desk Mockup Scene Creator allows you to create a hero image or a header for website using a work desk scene as a background. This generator comes in high resolution and allows you to print your work on billboards.

Wedding Hero Image Scene CreatorThis generator includes 109 isolated images, 10 scenes (with PSD files) and 9 typographic elements. The elements are print-ready at 3500×2500px resolution and 300 DPI.

7. Back To School Hero Image Scene Generator

Golden Hero Image Scene Generators

Back To School Hero Image Scene GeneratorThis mockup include a total of 3 mockups in 300 DPI and 1500x100px resolution. It also comes with 3 pre-made scenes, 3 different paper textures and more.

8. Good Morning Hero Image Scene Generator

This massive toolkit contains a total of 140+ food-related elements, including fruits, vegetables, cooking staff and more. All placeholders are editable via Smart Object.

Good Morning Hero Image Scene GeneratorThis mockup includes a total of over 70 objects and can be used for header, presentations, website mock ups, gallery presentations and more. This mockup was created for web designers to preview their designs and websites in a professional and photo realistic way.

9. Desktop Creator Mockup

This scene creator comes with 1 PSD file that contains 30 items. It also includes 6 desk backgrounds and textures and is high resolution and print ready (300 DPI).

Desktop Creator MockupHero Header Scene Generator

10. ArtBox – Artistic Mockup Kit

This generator comes with 3 pre-made scenes and 26 items with organized layers.

ArtBox - Artistic Mockup KitThis mock-up creator includes a total of 80 isolated objects & 3 Ready Scenes, plus 25 smart objects and comes in 6000×3750px resolution.

This Hero Image Scene Generator includes 100 isolated objects, 12 wall backgrounds and more. The set comes in 6000×3700px and 300dpi, making it

11. Summer Scene Creator

Beer & Bar Hero Images Scene Generator

Summer Scene CreatorHero image is a term used in web design for a specific type of web banner, which is usually large, displayed on the front or center of a page and is very visual. Generate stunning hero images using one of these customizable mockups and scene generators.

12. Mock-up Creator / Hero Desktop

DSLR Photo / Video Mock Up Creator

Mock-up Creator / Hero DesktopHero Banner Maker

13. Hero Image Creator / Mock-Up

This mock-up creator comes with a total of 290+ high resolution, isolated items and 15+ custom made wall textures.

Hero Image Creator / Mock-UpIf you’ve got a wedding-related project, then this scene creator will be of huge help. Included are 3 PSD Files, 3 Premade Scenes, 34 Isolated Objects, 8 Mock Ups and of course everything is in high resolution (4000×3000) with 300 DPI RGB.

14.  Fight Sport Hero Image Generator

Summer Scene Creator

Fight Sport Hero Image GeneratorHero Mockup Toolkit

15. Hero Header Scene Generator

Flatland – Hero Image Composer

Hero Header Scene GeneratorFight Hero Image Generator comes with 30 high resolution, isolated objects, 3 custom scenes, 5 logo badges in Smart Objects and more.

16. Flatland – Hero Image Composer

Hero Image Creator / Mock-Up

Flatland - Hero Image ComposerStationery Branding & Labeling Scene Creator

17. DSLR Photo / Video Mock Up Creator

This scene creator is perfect for you if you’ve got a summer-related project you’re working on. It comes in 6000×4000px resolution and includes 70+ objects, 8 table textures, 6 backgrounds and more.

DSLR Photo / Video Mock Up CreatorThis hero images creator includes 100+ different items, 5 ready made scenes and more. All objects are editable via smart objects. All objects and shadows are separated. This set also comes in high resolution of 5000x3500px and 300 DPI.

18. Hero Banner Maker

Desk Scene Mock-Up Creator

Hero Banner Maker

19. Automotive Hero Image and Header Mockup

The Hero Header Scene Generator includes more than 30 Mock-ups & 60 isolated objects, as well as 7 Pre-Made Scenes. All the mock-ups are created with smart object layers and everything is in high resolution.

Automotive Hero Image and Header MockupLooking to use a beer or bar related hero image, background or header? Then the Beer & Bar Mockup & Hero Images Scenes Generator will be an excellent choice for you. Included are 150+ isolated images, 12 premade scenes – print ready high resolution 4500×2500px, 300dpi, 15 prepared and changeable textures and backgrounds and much more.

20. Desk Scene Mock-Up Creator

This massive mockup kit includes over 200 unique items, 10 ready made scenes, 10 background textures and comes in very high resolution.

Desk Scene Mock-Up CreatorThis hero image generator consists of 45+ objects in high resolution, 7 pre-made scenes and a total of 8 PSD and 1 RTF file. PSD files are 4500×3000, containing all isolated objects, backgrounds, smart objects, canvas, art materials, sample mockups and more.

21. Watercolor Scene Mockups

ArtBox – Artistic Mockup Kit

Watercolor Scene MockupsFlatland comes with 85+ elements, 5 PSD files, 4 pre-made scenes, Photoshop vectors and more. This set is very easy to customize.

22. Hero Mockup Toolkit

Automotive Hero Image and Header Mockup

Hero Mockup ToolkitThe scene generator includes 117 isolated objects, 6 scenes with PSD files, 11 backgrounds, 6 typgraphic elements and comes in 3500x2500px (11in x 8 in), 300 DPI resolution.

23. Stationery Branding & Labeling Scene Creator

This toolkit consists of 80+ elements, 15 background textures, 25 pre- made scenes and 25 ready text placeholders (all editable via Smart Object).

Stationery Branding & Labeling Scene CreatorWatercolor Scene Mockups

24. Artist Hero Mockup Generator

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Artist Hero Mockup GeneratorThis generator includes a total of 120+ isolated images, 14 print-ready pre-made scenes, 11 changeable textures and backgrounds, 6 photographic color presets and more.

25. Artist’s Desk Scene and Hero Image Generator

Good Morning Hero Image Scene Generator

Artist's Desk Scene and Hero Image Generator

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