5 of the Top Cart Abandonment Tools & Plugins for WordPress

Granify is one of the most popular platforms that enable business owners to analyze everything from the customer’s journey to the tiniest mouse movements and hesitations. The Granify service features a simple and transparent reporting mechanism which is intuitive to use and easy to understand.Most people leave your site without buying. What if you could step in and overcome the objections on the spot?
There is a decent selection of tools available to help you recover your abandoned shopping carts. Regardless of which e-commerce plugin you are using you can employ a combination of the tools listed above to minimize shopping cart abandonment. granify
This feature-rich tool reveals who visits your website, what they do on your website and the products that they added to their shopping cart. Regardless of your technical expertise, you can set up and get started with Olark in a few minutes.


Easy Digital Downloads is one of the leading e-commerce plugins for WordPress that offers users the ability to sell digital goods.
It enables webmasters to perform behavior targeting tests by personalizing your website to each visitor. This enables you to create multiple versions of your checkout page, for instance, to see which one performs best and has the least abandoned shopping carts. edd-sales-recovery
Users can request a trial for each of the plans and give the tool a go before signing up for it.
Studies show that, on average, 68.63% of users abandon their shopping carts. That said, most of these abandonments can easily be prevented.
By testing out your website’s checkout module you can gain insight into why your visitors are abandoning shopping carts and overcome the root cause of it. With this in mind, in this article, I will run the rule over some of the best shopping cart abandonment tools and resources to help you minimize abandonment rates, increase revenue, and deliver an optimal user experience to your visitors.
GhostMonitor integrates seamlessly with the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins, including WooCommerce and WP  eCommerce. In addition to all of this, GhostMonitor sends you weekly summaries notifying you of your cart recovery campaigns and giving you summarized data about your finances. Users can also configure this to be a daily notification.
Which shopping cart abandonment tools and resources have you tried out? Did we miss any of your favorites on our list? We’d love to hear from you so let us know by commenting below.
Another incredibly powerful feature with Visual Website Optimizer is that it ships with a built-in heatmap tool that gives users insight into the visitors clicking behavior. This feature can be utilized to determine why your visitors are abandoning your shopping cart. Visual Website Optimizer is not a shopping cart abandonment analytics tool, however, it can be used to determine what works for your site and what doesn’t. It is basically an A/B testing tool that helps you build campaigns visually and split test on them. One of the best things about this is that you don’t need to code a single line.
Granify’s Decision Engine works to identify the objections your potential customers may have that ultimately results in them abandoning the shopping cart. When it detects that a customer is about to leave your site, Granify automatically introduces a message to save you a sale.
Granify’s user interface tells you everything that you need to know in an orderly fashion. One of the standout features that users can leverage this powerful platform is that it monitors over 400 attributes per second in order to monitor the customer’s digital body language to predict their next move and give valuable insight to the webmaster about their buying behavior.
Olark is a powerful tool that helps you connect with your customers. With this tool, you can find out who your visitors are and what they are looking for. This helps webmasters gain invaluable insight into target audience so that they can serve them better.
Another powerful feature on offer is Optin Monster’s page level targeting which allows webmasters to display messages on specific pages. By adding custom campaign messages to your site’s checkout page, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment.
This popular plugin is widely used by all kinds of webmasters and has received tons of positive reviews. Optin Monster is available for per year on the Basic plan which is an entry tool for users who are just starting out. Small businesses can go for the per year Plus plan that can be used on up to 3 websites.

  • Startup Plan: For $49 per month you get the basic features VWO has on offer and support up to 10,000 unique visitors. It’s best for bloggers and small business owners.
  • Business Plan: The $129 per month plan caters to 30,000 visitors per month and comes with the same set of features as the Startup Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan starts to form $999 per month and is ideal for larger agencies and enterprise deployment. With this plan, you’ll get all of the basic features in addition to advanced functionality.

Most of the tools and resources on our list are premium offerings. However, once you start recovering your lost revenue you will realize that these tools do indeed offer great value for money and it will be as though they had paid for themselves. You may also want see our roundup of best SEO tools and plugins to maximum visibility. Users can get started with GhostMonitor for only per month for a single domain. This plan comes with all the features on offer. However, if you’d like to test out the waters before purchasing the service, you can go for the 15-day free trial.
Easy Digital Downloads’ Sales Recovery extension is available for for a single site license, for use on 2 to 5 sites, and 3 for use on an unlimited number of websites.
This fully customizable plugin for WordPress comes with default email templates that you can personalize if you want. Users can also add custom variables such as the customer’s name, a link to the cart and the product cart’s information within the text of the email.
Optin Monster is a powerful tool that webmasters can use to create and split test lead capture forms. Online store owners can leverage this tool’s functionality to reduce cart abandonment. One of the standout features on offer with this plugin is that it helps users convert abandoning visitors into subscribers or customers.
VWO offers a 30-day trial if you’d like to try out the tool before signing up for a plan.
Optin Monster features exit intent functionality which gives webmasters insight into user behavior and helps them present targeted campaign messages just as they’re about to leave. This functionality paired with in-depth analytics and results help webmasters deliver more value to their customers and, in turn, boost conversion rates. Let’s get right to it!
The plugin has also been extended to cater to guest carts. The plugin helps webmasters track abandoned orders value versus recovered orders value. Being the webmaster, you can receive notification through email every time an order is recovered.
The developers behind GhostMonitor have created a clever solution called Complete My Checkout, which is basically a button that links back to the user’s checkout page. So if your site’s visitors abandon their cart you can email them and give them a link back to their checkout pages so they can complete their purchase.
Visual Website Optimizer’s intuitive reporting system helps webmasters take business decisions with certainty. If your site’s visitors are abandoning shopping carts you will gain insight into why they are doing so. In addition to this, you can create multiple designs and test them to see which ones produce the maximum conversions.
With the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite plugin, users can recover their abandoned cart in a single click. In addition to this, they can also identify the abandoned order’s information. optin-monster
Visual Web Optimizer offers three different pricing plans:
Granify is fully automated, which means that you do not have to spend extra time or effort to achieve the desired results. The goal of employing Granify is not only to reduce shopping cart abandonment but also to increase your overall revenue and help your site’s visitors make smart purchases from your store.
Similar to Visual Website Optimizer, User Testing is also a testing platform which enables you to test just about every website – including your competitor’s website. Regardless of the stage of development that you are currently in you can test out your checkout pages to see why your visitors are abandoning your shopping cart.
Another prominent feature that GhostMonitor offers is that it automatically saves the forms that the user fills in during the checkout process. This ensures that your cart abandoners can pick their stuff where they left it off.

  • Bronze Plan: For $15 per month, you’ll get 1 operator and all of the core features.
  • Gold Plan: For $44 per month, this plan ships with 4 operators and the basic features on offer.
  • Platinum Plan: The Platinum Plan has a $116 per month price tag which comes with 8 operators, all the basic features, and group functionality.
  • Ultimate Plan: This $219 plan comes with 15 operators in addition to the core features and groups.

When you want to take things further, the Pro plan for 9 comes with everything you’ll need to get massive results fast. Olark is fully customizable and it comes with a collection of gorgeous themes. Users can personalize the text and language on their website to cater to a multilingual audience. One of the best features about Olark is that it integrates easily with other powerful tools that can help your business grow. These tools include Google Analytics, SalesForce, and Shopify.
The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite plugin also comes in a premium flavor. Abandoned Cart Pro ships with three default email templates and leverages the power of WooCommerce coupons that users can also include in the email. It also offers incentives to customers if they return and complete the checkout. The incentives can be in the forms of coupons, discounts, and deals.
Webmasters can watch user videos to get invaluable insight and use pre-defined metrics in order to determine the problems they face with your website. In addition to this, you can improve your site’s KPIs and test over and over again to validate your modifications.
When it comes to reporting, GhostMonitor is one of the best tools out there that gives you full shopping cart abandonment analytics. It tells you everything from how much revenue you’ve lost to how much GhostMonitor helped you recover.
On the Basic Plan, User Testing charges per video complete with the full set of features. After your first 10 videos, you’ll be charged per video. The plugin’s EDD Sales Recovery extension helps webmasters increase their revenue by tracking and following up on users who have recently abandoned their shopping carts. This extension works by sending automated reminders and special deals for Easy Digital Downloads transactions.
Webmasters can fully customize the automated reminder messages based upon the recovery stage that the user is at by using template tags. One of the reasons this extension is extremely popular is that it delivers an incredible amount of user experience to your site’s visitors. Visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts can choose to opt out of the recovery process if they would like to.
The heatmaps work by telling you whether your site’s visitors are clicking where you want them to click. The core functionality of this tool lies in it’s A/B testing abilities.
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite is an incredibly powerful and easy to use the plugin that lets business owners recover the sales that they lost due to shopping cart abandonment. The plugin works by sending an email notification to your visitors reminding them about the cart that they abandoned.
The best part about this is that your visitors will not be annoyed by repetitive recovery emails. Webmasters can keep track of a particular user’s entire recovery process through the payment history reporting mechanism. They are also given full control to manually initiate or stop the recovery process and send the last email again.
Olark offers four pricing plans:

Wrapping It Up

This tool also comes with a built-in chat function that enables your site’s staff members to start chatting with visitors right off the bat. The chatting tool can also give you some insight into the questions your visitors are asking most.
The standout feature on offer with User Testing is that it empowers users to test out their website on multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. You can even test it out on your refrigerator!
GhostMonitor is one of the most popular cart abandonment solutions for WordPress. It works by sending emails to all of your cart abandoners. How it works is when a customer first decides to add a product to their cart GhostMonitor requires them to enter their email address. This way if the customer abandons the cart and does not make a purchase, then you can email them and gain insight into why they abandoned the cart. This solution comes with three built-in email recovery campaigns which help you reach out to your visitors.

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