How Much It Cost to Run a Solo Founder Plugin Business

Cost: per monthADP is an online service that helps users manage their tax related and payment compliant needs. ADP Tax and Compliance solutions are built to minimize employment related tax and payment compliance risk and to help improve process efficiencies. With this service you can reduces taxes and other expenses.
10. Drip I use for all my lead nurturing and email marketing automations. Drip makes it easy to automate your sales funnel cycle for your leads. This user-friendly application gives users access to campaign blueprints, guidance, email tools, and analytics.
Cost: per month
4. Digital Ocean – I have moved away from my one-page static site and now host my marketing site for SeedProd on a VPS at Digital Ocean with WordPress installed.
Cost: 0 to 00 per month.
PayPal is the most popular payment infrastructure used on the internet. It allows quick and easy transactions. This service has a plethora of standout features on offer that allow you to request money online, send payments and shop around the world.
Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that’s free for everyone to use to develop web applications following a model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Forge is a Laravel project that enables users to provision, host, and deploy PHP applications on AWS, Linode, and Digital Ocean. Envoyer, on the other hand, is a product from Laravel that offers zero downtime PHP deployment.

Must Have Services

Today my profits are much higher than when I launched but my operating cost are still extremely low. I currently run SeedProd for under 0 a month excluding payment fees.  Here’s a list of services I currently use.
The services above are my current must haves. I could not run my business without them. These service tally up to roughly 0 per month.
14. Cloud9 IDE – I like to be able to edit my code in the cloud because I can access it from anywhere, never know when a crisis will arise and you’re not close to your dev machine.
9. Amazon S3 and SES I use Amazon S3 to distribute my plugin code to my customers. This takes the load off my servers and I can distribute a url that expires automatically after a given amount of time. I use amazon SES for all my transactional emails.
WordPress Plugin and software businesses in general, are great businesses to run. It’s easy to get started (if you’re a developer) and profit margins are usually very high. When I started SeedProd, my Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress business, back in 2011 it only cost me to launch aside from my development time to build the plugin.
Cost: per month.
Cost: per month
3. Outright – Outright is a bookkeeping service that GoDaddy now owns. They make it super easy to pull in all your transactions from PayPal and Stripe for tax purposes.  The easier you can make things for your CPA, the cheaper your CPA cost will be.
The list below are services I have used in the past, but not using them currently.
Cost: per month
The set of services I’m going to list below are my “nice to haves”. These things make my life easier.
DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider that focuses on simplifying web infrastructure for web developers and software developers. With this service you can leverage SSD-only cloud, simple control panel and professional hosting and Linux distributions. The key advantage to DigitalOcean is that you can have your personal cloud server ready to go in 55 seconds.
It is a powerful service that allows users to write, run, and debug their code with a cloud IDE. One of the best features about this service is that it allows users to collaborate with team members to work on a particular project by assigning their workspace public access or work on it on their own under private access. Cloud9 features a built-in terminal for command-line usage and a plethora of language tools to help you code faster.
nice to have
CloudFlare is a service that protects and accelerates your website. The company also provides CDN services, internet security services and distributed domain name server services. CDN allows users to distribute their content around the world. In addition to this CloudFlare will also get you optimization for webpages with add servers.
15. Contract out Support – If you have a very high support queue then you should absolutely do this. I have improved my documentation, fixed bugs and automated my support issues to where my monthly volume is extremely low.
services focus
I created a simple, static one-page website site to market the product and hosted it on Amazon S3. It was super fast and reliable. Cost This post is written by John Turner, founder of
This post is written by John Turner, founder of
This post is written by John Turner, founder of
This post is written by John Turner, founder of

Services I’ve Used in The Past

At that time, Easy Digital Download did not exist so there was no platform for selling plugins. I learned of through the Micropreneur Academy (a membership site for solo founders) which I was a member of at the time.
Cost: per month.
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a widely used online file storage web service on offer by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 makes web scale computing infinitely easier for web developers. Users can store and retrieve data to their web service interface from anywhere on the web whenever they’d like. Amazon Simple Email Service is a powerful email service that’s built on top of the same infrastructure uses to cater to their customer base. This service allows users to send all kinds of emails – transactional, marketing, and high-quality content.
Outright lets users store all of their business finances on a single platform. It simplifies tax preparation and automatically organizes sales and expenses into their respective IRS tax categories. With Outright you can dramatically improve invoicing and book-keeping without having to maintain spreadsheets. The service also lets you export all of your sales and expense data.
eJunkie made it super easy for me to collect money and then deliver my product to the customer. And the great news is that it only cost a month. Sure the UI was nasty but it worked! That was it! From the very first day I launched, I was profitable. I actually ran the company for a month for about the first year. But as your product and customer base grows so do your needs.
So, as I said back in 2011 I launched SeedProd for . Here’s how I did so cheaply. Aside from having the product (in my case my premium plugin) All you need is a website to market the product, a reliable way to collect money and an efficient delivery mechanism.
8. GitHub All my code is currently hosted on Github. A free alternative to Github is Bitbucket.

Adding it all up:

Must Have Services

  • Stripe & PayPal: 2.2% – 2.9% + $30.00
  • CPA & ADP: $62.00
  • Outright: $10.00
  • Digital Ocean: $20.00
  • CloudFlare: $20.00
  • VaultPress: $5.00
  • HelpScout: $20.00
  • Github: $7.00
  • Amazon S3 & SES: $5.00
  • Drip: $99.00
  • Zapier: $15.00

TOTAL: $293.00

Nice to Have Services

  • Creative Cloud: $10.00
  • Laravel Forge and Envoyer: $20.00
  • Could9 IDE: $20.00

TOTAL: $50.00

Services I’ve Used in The Past

  • Contracting out support: $500.00
  • Contract out content marketing: $500 – $1500/month
  • Paid Advertising: Open

POTENTIAL COSTS: $1000-$2000+

So so far all my described operating cost have been tax related. Make sure you get this part right. That last thing you want to deal with is tax issues.
13. Laravel Forge and Envoyer – I use these services to manage my servers and to deploy my custom billing and admin app with zero down time.
16. Contract out Content Writing – Content Marketing is an affordable way to market without paying for advertising. But if you don’t write then you will need to hire a writer. I have experimented with hiring a writer but writing is actually a skill I want to learn. Being able to write and communicate effectively is an invaluable asset to have. So, I have taken over that in an effort to learn.

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