Genesis Framework Review: The Powerful WP Framework for Web Professionals

Lastly, you can buy StudioPress child themes one by one but still you cannot buy a child theme without buying the Genesis framework beforehand because all the child themes are based on the Genesis parent theme.

genesis_framework_review[ctt title=”Child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site and Genesis has great support for child themes and other WordPress functionality. Matt Mullengweg – Founder of WordPress” tweet=”Child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site -Matt Mullengweg” coverup=”Me6XC”]

Genesis has very powerful layout customization options. For example, you can create a custom front page with just a few clicks. The good news – 1stWebDesigner is using one too.

  1. Does Genesis Framework Fit Your Development Style and Needs?
  2. StudioPress (Genesis framework review)
  3. How beautiful StudioPress themes are?
  4. How Much Genesis Framework and Child Themes Cost?
  5. Genesis Functionality and flexibility
  6. How Fast And Optimized For Speed StudioPress Themes Are?
  7. Review Conclusion: Genesis Framework by StudioPress
  8. MyThemeShop Review

Does Genesis Framework Fit Your Development Style and Needs?

Are you an agency or an organization? Are you planning to set up an online store? Are you a blogger? Are you an online publication? Whatever the purpose of your website is, MyThemeShop has a variety of themes in four major categories – Magazine, Blog, Business, and WooCommerce themes.

You also get access to the forums where all the people who bought any product from StudioPress hang out. You can ask for help and browse forums as well as hire an experienced developer who can help you to add the customization you need.
Inform your customers immediately with the latest projects and promotions using the WP Notification Bar plugin

  • Price – how affordable is it?
  • Visuals – how beautiful and cool WordPress theme is right outside of the box?
  • Theme functionality
  • Is the WP theme SEO friendly?
  • Social media integration
  • Responsive design
  • Check for browser compatibility
  • Support level Forums
  • Documentation and manuals
  • Are there video tutorials?
  • Number of themes, how many different designs are there?
  • Number of users – how popular is theme?
  • Refund policy
  • Speed and Size – how fast loading is the theme right outside of the box?
  • Translation – how easy theme can be translated to other languages?
  • Extendability, third-party plugins
  • Coding requirements – how advanced programming skills theme will require?
  • Dashboard interface – how intuitive is dashboard for new users?

Setting up a website has never been easier

  • Theme Support – level of support, documentation, tutorials, and user base
  • Design, visuals – how beautiful the theme is straight out of the box
  • Price – I would say themes and frameworks are generally very affordable, but I know cost is also important to some people.
  • Functionality, flexibility – This will be the most in-depth section because it helps you discover what happens under the hood. It will include things, like additional plugins available, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, security, ease to update, site load speed, and ease of customization (page templates, widget areas,easy of adding custom CSS, child themes).

This will be the most in-depth section where we will cover more technical side about what’s happening under the Genesis hood. It will include things, like additional plugins are available, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, security, ease to update, site speed, and it’s customizability.

studiopress-genesis-premium-wordpress-framework-GTmetrix StudioPress Altitude child theme performance report

StudioPress (Genesis framework review)

This plugin displays custom alerts and notifications for your visitors and readers informing them regarding the latest going-ons in your website. This allows them to view immediately any promotions or new blog posts which leads to higher conversion. The plugin is equipped with unlimited notification bars, newsletter box, countdown timer, and text only notification bar.

Typography can contribute to the success or failure of your website

  • Brian Clark (Copyblogger)
  • Neil Patel (QuickSprout)
  • Darren Rowse (Problogger)
  • 1stWebDesigner
  • Chris Brogan
  • Jay Baer
  • ..and many more influential and popular blog owners.

When picking the right framework, it’s super important that there is a reliable customer service, training, and documentation behind it. Popularity of framework plays an important role because the more experienced developers are using the theme, the better support, help, additional plugins, and codes will be made by developers using and sharing them.
This is the first WordPress premium tool article with more to come. Recognize the pros and cons of this framework, give it a try (use their 30 day money back guarantee) and become a more productive web designer! The faster you work, the higher you can charge per hour, per project!

StudioPress Customer Service and Documentation

Helpful learning tool for amateur coders to understand power of WordPress and Genesis built-in functions.
The Drag and Drop feature of OnePage make everything as easy as 1-2-3!

Unlimited Support

Let me introduce you to StudioPress Genesis framework.

Membership forum

There might be other WordPress theme developers in the market who deliver outstanding themes as well. So what makes MyThemeShop any different? For starters, it has 98 themes and 19 plugins making it a marketplace of its own. But the real whopper is that MyThemeShop has more than 300K of satisfied users.

  • General discussion – It has 11,000 topics and 50,000 posts.
  • Design tips and tricks – This is where you can share code snippets and get help with CSS related questions. This category has 16,000 topics and 70,000 posts
  • Showcase and feedback
  • Internationalization and translations
  • Forum bugs and suggestions

It is a very powerful and helpful tool for every developer who is still learning WordPress function or how Genesis works.  Watch this demo video to find out more:

studiopress-support-documentation-helpFor Genesis framework review I will especially focus on four main criteria:

Matthew Woodward, Founder of, a no-nonsense SEO & Affiliate Marketing company. His blog has been one of the top blogs in the industry including one of the Top 75 Marketing Blogs by Unbounce Award.

  • You will receive full support about everything surrounding the StudioPress built-in functionality when customizing and configuring a website using the StudioPress built-in features;
  • You will get basic advice about how to build a unique design using StudioPress child themes and basic integration advice how to use the most popular WordPress plugins. You cannot expect support to solve issues about the new theme you created or non-StudioPress plugins you installed but you will get their help to point you in the right direction.
  • You can ask for help regarding general questions including site speed, issues you have, and making your theme more SEO-friendly. The support team will point you in the right direction;
  • StudioPress will not build websites for you nor will they customize websites for you – you cannot expect them to write code for you. Think of them as teachers whom you can ask for help, but you will still need to complete homework yourself.
In this 60-page eBook, you will learn all the basics you need to know about using Genesis.Genesis has developed 15 WordPress plugins, let’s take a look at the most powerful ones:


To analyze how fast-loading Genesis WordPress themes are I used several speed test tools Pingdom, GTmetrix and Google Pagespeed to test the live demo of Genesis framework and its child-themes.

  • PDF eBook “A Beginner’s Guide To The Genesis Framework”
  • Textual tutorials covering topics like Genesis documentation, column classes, images, navigation menus, sharing and several more misc topics like “load google fonts”
  • Top questions section with 12 most popular questions answered.
  • 51 tutorials written by StudioPress community members

Everybody loves unlimited options. All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options. Whether you want to have a more interesting background or use a color palette that matches your brand and personality, you have the freedom to do so with just a few clicks.

  • Code snippets around topics like admin management, author box, HTML5, images, breadcrumbs, comments, post excerpts, post formats, footer, search form, header, and more
  • Mobile responsive design testing tool which allows you to test how your website pages will look live on different size screens – 240×320 (small phone), 320×480 (iPhone), 480×640 (small tablet), 768×1024 (iPad – Portrait), 1024×768 (iPad – Landscape).
  • 15 StudioPress developed plugins and two third-party plugins. These plugins allow you for example to integrate WooCommerce store with Genesis, build social network with Genesis Connect plugin, add social media icons with Simple Social Icons plugin, and many more;
  • Free Web Graphics – several custom icon sets, social media icons, generate box, screenshot displays, call to action banners, patterns, buttons.

How beautiful StudioPress themes are?

As the name suggests, SociallyViral is designed to increase your social shares and make your content viral. This is made possible through features, such as full social integration, subscription box, and 4 different types of loading effects. It is also AdSense optimized which enables you to see higher CPCs and RFMs.

GTmetrix Genesis Framework performance report

  • 9 business child themes, which are great to use for personal brand portfolio, corporate or eCommerce store type websites
  • 5 enterprise company child themes suitable for larger agency
  • 4 magazine style child themes great for blogs who create lots of content
  • 5 photography child themes great for music, fashion industries, web designers and companies, who have products with beautiful visuals to show off
  • 1 real-estate child-theme for realtors to display houses, apartments beautifully and let visitors to filter the houses based on their preferences.

What’s a featured-packed theme with extensive documentation if there’s no customer support? Fortunately, MyThemeShop has a team of dedicated customer support who are ready, willing, and able to answer your concerns and questions should you encounter any problems along the way. But what makes the customer support standout is that it has been localized to ensure that wherever your location is, there is a support team that you can reach who speak your language and within your time zone.

genesis-studiopress-starter-theme-design-visualsThis is another premium plugin costing for a single site license. If Design Palette Pro plugin sells the idea of modifying theme design without needing the developer, then Genesis Extender is a tool that helps junior developers, who know basic code, but aren’t too comfortable diving into functions yet. It’s a helpful tool to gain deeper understanding of the Genesis Framework.

In this 60-page eBook, you will learn all the basics you need to know about using Genesis.

altitude-beautiful-genesis-child-themeResponsivesness is important these days as people are using different kinds of devices and platforms. But what does it mean to have a fully responsive site? This simply means that your site and all its features will work perfectly across all devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Therefore, it is very important that your website and its content display correctly across devices, platforms, and browsers.

Built using HTML5, all of StudioPress themes are fully responsive. HTML5 is a new coding standard for websites. HTML5 usage ensures your site is responsive and looks great on all screen sizes, like phones and tablets. You can use HTML5 audio and video for increased load-time. For testing, you can test themes using Genesis’ own mobile testing tool.
Learn in visual detail about StudioPress support guidelines

How Much Genesis Framework and Child Themes Cost?

Things to consider when choosing WordPress frameworks:

Videos account for most of the traffic online
Find out if Genesis framework is for you in this article.
Genesis from StudioPress is a really professional and high-quality WP framework to use. It is very powerful in terms of customization. It looks professional and it doesn’t go too fancy with visuals. This is the most expensive framework out there, but you really do get what you pay for. If you are very serious about your web design/developer career and you do spend your time building WordPress websites daily, Genesis is truly the most versatile framework out there, with huge community of professional developers backing it up.

With Pro Plus package you get everything StudioPress has.Whether you want to build your business or your personal brand online, your website is one of the most critical elements for your success. That is why it is very important that your website will be able to reflect the personality you want to convey to your visitors. In this MyThemeShop review you will find out why you should be using this website for all your website building needs. We’ll share this premium WordPress theme provider pros, cons and benefits of using.

$400 – Pro Plus All-Theme Package

What this tells me is:
With Genesis Extender you can:

  • All 43 StudioPress child themes
  • Genesis Framework
  • Lifetime future updates, support and you can use themes on unlimited sites
  • Access to detailed tutorials and forums
  • You get access to all future child-themes StudioPress makes
  • One-Time purchase
Genesis Theme Framework, you don't get any of the child-themes.With Genesis Extender you can:

  • Genesis Framework
  • Unlimited updates, support and sites
  • Access to tutorials and forums
  • *You do not get any of Genesis child-themes
Genesis Framework + One Child-theme of your choice.Simple Social Icons is the most popular StudioPress plugin with 398,359 downloads

$100 – Genesis Framework + 1 Child theme

Here is the full StudioPress price breakdown:

$33.71 – One StudioPress Child Theme

However if you are more into Themes here is another option beside Themeforest. Lets’ take a look at review of MyThemeShop.
How important is page speed? Very important! In fact, it is very critical to the success of your website. According to the Official Google Webmaster blog, the speed of how your website loads results in happy customers and better user experience. Most of all, it saves you money because it cuts your operating costs.
Another advantage of having a clean code is that it increases your search engine visibility. Aside from that, a clean code means that there are no barriers that will hinder the search engine crawlability of your site. Even the design of each theme has put the latest search en gine guidelines in mind to further boost search engine rankings.

Genesis Functionality and flexibility

Aside from the options panel, all themes have a one-click installation feature which allows you to load any pre-built layout and design. All you have to do is customize the content and you have in you a beautifully and well-designed website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PointPro showcases your best works
Genesis is really fast. Google PageSpeed indicated that images could be optimized better and CSS should be shortened. Good thing about StudioPress WordPress themes is that they are simple, clean, and the number of requests are low. The Genesis framework itself without any child-themes would be an excellent choice for SEO experts  who are looking for a fast WordPress theme. Don’t underestimate Genesis’ simplicity though, there is a reason why many professional web developers use it.
Let’s talk about cost now. Genesis is the most expensive framework compared to all its competitors. Only WooThemes with their expensive plugin extensions comes close. Even though it is the most expensive choice, I would still say that Genesis is the best choice for professional full-time developers and web designers because of the community, value and quality you get.

studiopress-genesis-responsive-mobile-testingOnce you purchase StudioPress in the members area, you’ll get access to the community and documentation sections:

Responsive Designs built on HTML5

Genesis Framework + One Child-theme of your choice.

Updates and Security

You get access to following developer resources:
All themes on MyThemeShop are 100% responsive so you don’t have to worry wherever your visitors view them. Rest assured, all themes will provide a great user experience to whoever will visit your website.

Make awesome menus that will wow your visitors with this plugin

genesis-framework-customization-functionality-optionsNow this is how Genesis framework looks straight out of the box. It is a clean and responsive WP theme which is great to use as a foundation:

Built-In Customization Options

There is a reason why I went so in depth analyzing StudioPress Genesis framework, because there is just so much good about it.
Example from 1stWebdesigner Genesis dashboard Appearance > Customize
Create different types of rating systems using Review Pro
Through this feature, you will be able to copy the demo theme and incorporate it to your website.

  • enable automatic updates or receive email notifications when updates are ready
  • add custom RSS feeds
  • select one of six layout settings – like 1-column, 2-column, 3-column options.
  • customize header
  • Enable/disable breadcrumbs for front page, posts page, posts..etc.
  • Customize how your content will appear – set featured image, image size, alignment, post navigation
  • Add header and footer scripts without touching code editor
  • Customize blog page template, what content will show up there
  • Do basic visual changes, add site title & tagline (important for SEO)

The Information Age has removed geographical and language barriers, which means any person from all over the world can access your website and read the content you put out there. With the WP Google Translate plugin, you won’t have to worry whether your readers understand your content or not. The plugin can translate your site into more than 80 languages.

  • social media sharing buttons
  • tag cloud
  • most popular posts on your site
  • opt in-forms
  • advertising by simply inserting advertising code into text widget
  • Search, RSS, pages, links, calendar, custom menus, categories
  • *Note – this list includes only Genesis built-in widgets, without installing any plugins.
Simple Social Icons the most popular StudioPress plugin with 398,359 downloadsStudioPress has 43 different child themes available:

Additional Functionality with Extensions

Note: if you have purchased anything before from StudioPress, you get 25% returning customer’s discount.
All themes allow you to use the options panel so you can customize the colors and create your own unique color combination. As for the background, there is an extensive stock of images you can use as a background, or you can upload your own image.

  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce – this plugin allows you to add Woocommerce eCommerce and online store functionality
  • Genesis Connect for BuddyPress – this plugin allows you to add BuddyPress social network functionality to your theme
  • Genesis Responsive Slider – this plugin allows you to add the responsive slider which displays the featured posts of your choice with image, title, excerpt, and button
  • SEO Data Transporter – this plugin lets you transfer your SEO data from one theme or plugin to another
  • Simple URLs – powerful URL management system allowing you to create, manage and track outbound links from your site by using custom post types and 301 redirects.
  • and lots of other handy little plugins, allowing you to modify footer area, add custom favicon, social buttons.

Third-Party Plugins:

I could compare Genesis with a supercomputer – if you need the functionality and you are ready to pay for it, it’s all there!

genesis-design-palette-pro-wordpress-plugin-css-editorSchema has the best of all worlds

Genesis Design Palette Pro

What you cannot do is create custom home page, create a custom layout or add custom PHP with this plugin. You can do everything else that requires CSS.
OnePage is a business and portfolio theme known for its Drag and Drop homepage layout as well as its clean handwritten code. Some of its notable features include a dynamic menu which follows the user making it easier to navigate through pages, font icon integration and arrow key functionality to the slider.
[ctt title=”Dont listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.” tweet=”Dont listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.” coverup=”h31pf”]

genesis-extender-plugin-php-builder-custom-optionsOne big thing you can rely on Genesis is that all codes are lightweight and clean, ensuring you that the site loads quickly.

Genesis Extender (GE)

StudioPress is the most popular and most widely used framework nowadays. StudioPress was founded by Brian Gardner and in 2010 it merged with Copyblogger Media LLC, led by Brian Clark.
Genesis’ support for different languages is pretty impressive, best one I have seen than any other theme.
MyThemeShop understands the importance of page speed that’s why it has designed all its themes and plugins with clean and compressed codes to ensure fast loading. In fact, its fastest theme, Schema, has beat the Genesis framework not only in terms of speed but also in nearly every aspect. Another theme, Magazine, has garnered a 95% score out of 100 in the PageSpeed test.

  • Take control over your homepage with over 30 predefined layouts
  • Use built-in image uploader, allowing you to upload images without usingFTP
  • Custom hook boxes – custom content area that allow you to hook content into any place of Genesis website using hooks
  • Add custom widget areas
  • Add custom conditional tags provided by WordPress
  • Add custom JS, CSS, Functions within WordPress dashboard
  • Access CSS builder to write CSS code with visual help making it a great learning tool. You can also use editor only view to write CSS and see changes happening live on your website. Very handy feature.
  • Easily add custom labels to your pages and posts so you could target and easily customize functions and styling to any page you want.
  • Custom template builder with PHP builder built-in allowing you to learn and edit the code for page templates and adding custom code to your functions. Very powerful for learning purposes and writing custom code as PHP builder actually writes custom function code for you. You just need to select different action and function boxes.
  • Import/export option, that allows you to import or export all your GE settings (custom functions, css, custom JS, custom hook boxes, uploaded images) either for backup or transfer purposes
  • GE Google font feature makes it super simple to choose from over 600 Google fonts to really customize site typography.

Altitude Genesis child theme looks simple and professional.

How easy is it to translate Genesis to another languages?

Table of Contents:
If the reasons mentioned above do not convince you, perhaps Matthew Woodward and ShoeMoney founder, Jeremy Schoemaker will convince you. What do they have got to do with it, you might ask. They are just one of the many famous bloggers and websites that use the themes and plugins from MyThemeShop. Listen to what they have to say:
Here is a full breakdown, of what you can expect and cannot expect from StudioPress support team.

How Fast And Optimized For Speed StudioPress Themes Are?

Stunning look and awesome performance – that’s what PointPro is all about with its stunning layout and responsive design. The theme features a number of headings and sections so you have a wide range of options to choose from. One of its outstanding features is the “Projects Page” which showcases your best works. Other features include unlimited colors and backgrounds, custom sidebars, and an off-canvas mobile menu.

Your decision which framework or starter theme to use will depend on your skills and design needs as well as the price and functionality of the theme. As a developer, you might want a framework that gives you more flexibility, less visual editors, and easy access when you code. For people who veer more towards graphical design, they will appreciate built-in tools that help them understand WordPress functions and visual editor better. They will prefer to use a tool where less coding is involved.
All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options.

GTmetrix Genesis Framework performance reportAs extensive as their list is, there are more reasons why you should choose MyThemeShop themes:
  • Google PageSpeed – 68/100 for desktop, 58/100 for speed, 99/100 for user experience.
  • Pingdom – performance grade 96/100, load time – 1.11 seconds, page size 491.5kb, 10 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 56%, YSlow Grade – 96%, page load time 0.92 seconds

MyThemeShop videos are not just tutorials but a source to know more about WordPress

GTmetrix StudioPress Altitude child theme performance reportDesign Palette Pro will be a great help to beginners, who don’t feel too effective when coding in CSS. Check out their demo, if you are interested.
  • Google PageSpeed – 74/100 for desktop, 63/100 for speed, 90/100 for user experience
  • Pingdom – performance grade 77/100, load time – 766 milliseconds, page size 3.3 mb, 20 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 92%, YSlow Grade – 82%, page load time 4.0 seconds

StudioPress was founded in August 2007 and is a very established company. They even got a testimonial from Matt, the founder of WordPress himself.

Review Conclusion: Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Also, every Genesis theme is compatible with the WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML), that assists in translating WordPress websites to other languages.

What others are saying about Genesis theme?
Setting up your website becomes even much easier with the powerful options panel in each theme. You don’t need to go through various code changes and configuration when you customize your website.
It is very helpful if  a theme has full documentation. But it is even more helpful if there is a video walkthrough, especially during set up. MyThemeShop has provided step-by-step video tutorials that will help you not only during the setup, but also through different phases of your website development whether it be changing your website layout or setting up your featured images. With these tutorials, you will never feel lost or alone in every step of the way.

  • Thesis 2.0 vs. Genesis and Why I Made the Switch – Thesis is the second most popular WordPress framework, no wonder people compare them both
  • Why a Genesis and Thesis Comparison is Still No Comparison – Chris Lema compares Thesis and Genesis and explains, why Genesis is his top choice
  • ThemeGrade StudioPress review – read more about what others think about Genesis.

1stWebDesigner Rating for Genesis Framework:

And this is how Genesis child theme looks like. In this example I picked Altitude child-theme which is business theme that could be used to represent small business or personal brand.

Who Should Use Genesis?

Jeremy is a personal trainer and Founder of, a website dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle to students.
One of the greatest challenges in web design is learning how to code. Codes are already a source of headaches to the well-versed web developer, how much more if you are a newbie? To address this issue, MyThemeShop has included shortcodes in all their themes so that even a beginner can start building their website even with little or no coding knowledge.These shortcodes will help you create and customize different elements, such as CTA buttons and contact forms, without a sweat.

  •  Full-time professional web developers and freelancers, who want to speed up their website development process 10x. If you are hard-core coder, who lives in code editor, you will appreciate Genesis’ built-in power and flexibility.
  • Amateur freelance web designers who are fluent with PHP and WordPress and are ready to invest some time to learn how to use Genesis efficiently. There is a learning curve involved.
  • Freelancers, who work with clients who know what they want. With Genesis, you can customize a lot which is handy for serious clients. When you work with clients who don’t really know what they want, you should use pre-made solutions to start with.
  • Designers who want to use the most popular framework backed by a huge community of like minded designers. You do get access to great community as you join. If you care about community, this might be a reason to go for Genesis.

Let’s talk about how many things you can customize within the main dashboard.

  • If you are a beginner starting out, Genesis will simply be too expensive an option. You should go with cheaper option and more beginner friendly framework. Read our X theme review next, which is much more beginner friendly and a lot cheaper alternative.
  • If you are a graphic web designer, who doesn’t code much, Genesis might be too complicated for you. You could use GE and Design Palette Pro third-party plugins to help you, but there are easier options out in the market for you.

Within the theme settings you can:
According to Cisco, 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017 will be generated by video. And to help you utilize the power of video, social media, and content combined, the Video theme is a perfect choice. As the theme suggests, it is optimized for video with different homepage layouts and post layouts. The theme has low bounce rates to ensure that your visitors stay long enough to convince them with your content.
Schema is one of the fastest loading and SEO premium themes from MyThemeShop. It has the best features of the various themes combined including the custom options panel and its pixel perfect design. It also has rich snippets making it a very SEO-friendly theme. Other standout features include voting functionality, ad management, and built-in review system. So if you’re looking for a theme that guarantees high page ranking and ad earnings, Schema is the theme for you.

MyThemeShop Review

* for returning customers

MyThemeShop has premium WordPress themes that give your business an edge In the previous article, we learned how you can be more productive by using WordPress and it’s premium tools.  Now, the next step is choosing a premium WordPress theme or WordPress theme framework that fits your development style and needs. When you make a decision, you will use your top choice as a base for building all your websites.

This plugin basically provides you with the tools to do whatever modifications you want with your child theme without opening code editor, FTP program or messing with server.
When you read our other review about X theme (can be used as a framework), you will notice the difference. X theme is sold on ThemeForest and really stands out with beautiful, modern and, sometimes, fancy visuals. This indirect comparison makes me say that Genesis is best if you want very custom design, because of it’s customizability while X theme is a great option for designers who don’t want to customize everything, but still want to make full use of X theme’s built in functionality.
Genesis Framework results:
I included two helpful plugins here, that will be useful for new Genesis users. One will help you modify visuals in real-time, while the other will help you gain a deep understanding of WordPress and Genesis functions.

All Themes are Fully Responsive

*Note – before picking Genesis framework as the first choice I reviewed ElegantThemes, WooFramework, Thesis, OptimizePress, Themify, WpZoom and top ThemeForest themes. To make it an easy choice for you I went with the most popular and highest quality framework first.
There is the Genesis Translations plugin which translates the Genesis framework into one of the available languages. No need to mess around with functions.php and .mo and .po file uploading. Check available translations on There are nearly 30 different languages supported by Genesis.

Video Tutorials

What’s included:

MyThemeShop videos are not just tutorials but a source to know more about WordPressAs you purchase the Genesis framework and any of its child themes, you immediately get unlimited access to a dedicated support staff which consists of expert, who know the Genesis Framework and WordPress inside and out. Several high level developers who are in the StudioPress support team are contributors on WordPress itself.

Note: If budget is an issue, read our review about the best premium theme in 2015, which can be used as framework, you get 33 designs and it costs only . Great option for different website delivering solutions!

24/7 Customer Support

There are 6 main layouts to choose from and you don’t need to stick with one layout for the entire site. If you want to have 3 columns for your blog, 2 columns for your resource pages and 1 column for the front page, you can easily do that with a few clicks.

Powerful Options Panel

“It’s clear that the StudioPress team made security a priority when developing the Genesis Framework. From a security standpoint, it’s at the top of its class following WordPress security best practices.” – Mark Jaquith, WordPress developer.

Setting up a website has never been easierWith Pro Plus package you get everything StudioPress has.

With more than 600 Google fonts in each theme, you have an extensive choice whether you want a serif, sans serif, or even a decorative font. Browse the font library until you find the perfect match that will reflect your company’s brand.

No Need to Learn Code

In this section we will talk about how beautiful Genesis WP themes are straight out of the box. Genesis is the core, parent theme while the child themes are the different skins which you can use to change visuals. Let’s take a look.

Unlimited Color and Background Options

Keep in mind that your site speed will heavily depend on the hosting and CDN you use. Also note that Genesis Framework and Altitude Genesis child theme has very little functionality right out of the box. Once you add shopping cart, slider, longer sales letter page, number of requests will increase and the site will take more time to load.

All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options.Have you used Genesis framework from StudioPress? Have you used any other frameworks? Would love to hear your experience in comments section!

Who should use Genesis:

More than 600 Google Fonts

For whom Genesis might not be a good choice:

mythemeshop-typography-optionsStudioPress is widely used among top marketers. Genesis WordPress themes are used by people like:

Genesis Theme Framework, you don’t get any of the child-themes.

Lightweight Social Sharing Option

Building your subscription list is a very important aspect of every online business in order to boost conversion and traffic. This plugin ensures that you have the necessary tools and features to do just that. Some of its key features include popup triggers every time a visitor will leave your site, integration with AWeber and MailChimp, and cookie expiration.

Lightning Fast Themes and Plugins

What’s included:
Their forums are very active with the following categories:
Let’s talk about integrated Genesis plugins and third party plugins you can use to easily extend site functionality and help you in the development process.

Famous Bloggers Prefer MyThemeShop

Genesis has built their own mobile testing tool to help develop sites for different devices.
Manage your subscriptions with WP Subscribe Pro

matthewwoodwardThe guys from MyThemeShop were kind enough to re-develop the current theme from the ground up. This means at long last the site will be fully responsive and won’t look rubbish on mobile devices – this has to be the #1 complaint from the past few months and I’m happy to finally address it.
It also takes advantage of modern coding standards like HTML5 & CSS3 along with all of the latest schema markup for articles, comments, reviews & more baked into the core.
On top of that it is super lightweight, for example the homepage is now only 512KB compared to 988KB with the current theme.

Genesis base parent theme

jeremy schoemaker
My SEO drastically improved, like double the amount of traffic.

This is a premium plugin that costs with basic single site license. This plugin will be attractive for non-coders allowing you to modify CSS of header, navigation, content area, sidebar, and footers in live editing mode. You can edit nearly everything – colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, margins and padding. There is also a handy feature which allows you to switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile live previews to see exactly what your visitors will see.

The themes are affordable and very high quality

More Reasons to Choose MyThemeShop Themes

The best choice I would recommend is that you buy the Genesis framework for to get you  started with. You need to test it out, however, before you decide to commit to it. Once you are, you can upgrade to the Pro-Plus package in order to get access to all child themes. After buying the Genesis framework, you officially become a returning customer where you can get a 25% customer discount; thus, the Pro package costs only 0 now. This is a small cool trick you can use to give Genesis a try for and when upgrading still be able to save with members discount!

Clean and Clear Code

Want to create amazing and beautiful menus in your website? The WP Mega Menu plugin lets you do just that without doing any configuration. What more, it is compatible even with the latest WordPress version  and ready to install in just one click. There are 3 different layouts and multiple loading effects to choose from, while background and color options are unlimited.

SEO Friendly

Typography is another important element of your website. The typeface you use can also contribute to the success and failure of your brand.

Easy to Set Up

I couldn’t find much using WordPress security scan tools or Sucuri, but Genesis has a good reputation within the developer community regarding it’s security:

Top 5 Most Popular MyThemeShop Themes

1. SociallyViral ($69)

Wait.. there’s more!

StudioPress is being used by 134,000 website owners and there are even sites like this, TheWPChick, where StudioPress Genesis lovers create videos and books about how to use Genesis more effectively!

2. Schema ($69)

WP Google Translate has more than 80 languages

Great theme optimized for social media focus.

3. PointPro ($69)

Jeremy Schoemaker, CEO and founder of ShoeMoney Media Group and as well as the co-founder of AuctionAds service. Jeremy uses the Magazine theme of MyThemeShop.

You cannot deny the fact as well that popular companies, like ShoeMoney have been using one of its themes. In fact, MyThemeShop boasts of more than 300K satisfied users. What more both of its plugins and themes are fully loaded and functions in utmost quality.   The codes are all well-written and  secure so that it is easier for you to check and modify the codes.

4. Video ($69)

Marketing and promotion features in various social media platforms is another must have for any business. MyThemeShop has lightweight social sharing plugins which allow you to easily share your content, products, and services to your favorite social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more.

Videos account for most of the traffic onlineAside from this plethora of WordPress themes and plugins, here are other reasons why MyThemeShop is your go-to place when it comes to Premium WordPress themes & plugins.

5. OnePage Theme ($69)

MyThemeShop has premium WordPress themes that give your business an edge

You would choose this option if you don’t build many websites regularly because it is enough for you to have one main design layout. I guess this is the best budget option you could pick.

Top 5 Most Popular MyThemeShop Plugins

1. WP Review Pro ($39)

What’s great about this videos is that they are like mini-lessons where you can learn more about WordPress and each of the themes.

When it comes to websites, WordPress themes have been one of the primary choices because you literally have hundreds of options  whether it is free or premium. Although free WordPress themes are good, premium themes have an edge in terms of features, support, and development. And among these premium theme developers, MyThemeShop is in the forefront in offering premium WordPress themes with outstanding designs and features.

2. WP Mega Menu ($39)

Looking at the demos of all the child-themes, I must say all of them are professional, unique, fluid, and with no fancy effects going on. That is exactly what StudioPress represents. You will not find crazy experimental style designs there. All of the Genesis WP themes look clean and modern, but I don’t believe they would win an innovation design award. StudioPress uses proven design practices and don’t stray away from that. For good designers, Genesis child-themes are excellent base themes to build their own design upon.

How optimized is Genesis?

3. WP Subscribe Pro ($39)

Altitude Genesis Child Theme results:

One of the most outstanding features of the WP Review Pro plugin is its ease because it doesn’t need code knowledge to install and set it up. All you need to do is install and configure the settings manager. The plugin also features customer comment and review as well as star ratings. But the best feature is its compatibility with all themes.

4. WP Notification Bar ($39)

The only downside (if you can call it that) to MyThemeShop is the extensive options for outstanding themes and plugins leaving you confused which work or not. However, this should not deter you knowing that all of them deliver what they promise to do giving you value for your money.

Inform your customers immediately with the latest projects and promotions using the WP Notification Bar pluginGenesis is doing very well. StudioPress even hired SEO expert, Joost De Valk, from Yoast (Yoast SEO plugin creator) to make sure their themes are more SEO friendly. Genesis now supports code, Google Authorship identification making the basics of SEO already handled for you. There are basic SEO settings built in Genesis, but I would still use Yoast SEO plugin to extend the optimization options.

5. WP Google Translate ($39)

*0 for returning customers

Most site vulnerability issues arise when WordPress, plugins and themes aren’t updated on time. With Genesis, you can be confident that updates won’t break your website. Also, it won’t take much time to update. The only challenges you might have would be with third party plugins not supported by Genesis. However, Genesis is the most popular framework, so if you use popular plugins, you will quickly find solutions online even when you run into trouble. That’s a big benefit of using a theme framework used by many developers.


In addition, StudioPress has a 30-day money back guarantee.
The codes are not only well-commented, but they are also clean to ensure faster loading. To ensure that your website runs at maximum speed, the codes are even compressed. A faster loading website is very important because just a minute of delay will make your visitors abandon your site immediately, making you lose revenue.
Furthermore, the codes are also clean and readable so it’s easy to edit and customize by your developers and webmasters. A clean code ensures the speed and dynamism of your website to whatever changes will be made that will make your business competitive in the global market.

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