Is X the WordPress Theme for You?

*Note – before picking the X theme for review, I analyzed the top ThemeForest themes ElegantThemes, WooFramework, Thesis, OptimizePress, Themify, WpZoom etc..  I am reviewing X first, because I have read and heard so many good things about it.. If you are looking for more choices, we also recently made a collection of the best 55 premium WordPress themes from 2015.

Who X theme is not for:
X stands out from the crowd because it is not only a very beautiful and non-coder friendly theme, but also has a clean code, amazing functionality, and good site loading speed. It does not clutter your theme with code you don’t want to use. In addition, X is very powerful in terms of functionality and customizability as well as great for professional web developers as well.
Read more about X theme features and view demos on their own ThemeForest page.

  1. Unbiased, Detailed and In-Depth Review
  2. How Dana Is Building Her Business With X-Theme

Lastly, 3 Ethos theme designs  are the best for busy news blogs and magazine type websites. One of their demos look extremely well for a photography or video site. No visual for this one, you need to check live demos to appreciate the design and power of visuals anyway! Go do it now, and come back when you are done!

  • Price – how affordable is it?
  • Visuals – how beautiful the theme is right outside of the box?
  • Functionality
  • Is it SEO friendly?
  • Social media integration
  • It it responsive?
  • Check for browser compatibility
  • Support level Forums
  • Documentation and manuals
  • Are there video tutorials?
  • Number of themes, how many different designs are there?
  • Number of users – how popular is theme?
  • Refund policy
  • Speed and Size – how fast loading is the theme right outside of the box?
  • Translation – how easy theme can be translated to other languages?
  • Extendability, third-party plugins – can you use it as a shopping cart, membership site?
  • Coding requirements – how advanced programming skills theme will require?
  • Dashboard interface – how intuitive is dashboard for new users?

This goes hand and hand with instant changes. You can take entire sections and easily move them around. It is very different than the Visual Composer where you have to drag the entire section to where you want it and hope you put it in the right place. With Cornerstone, you can now rearrange a page in a matter of seconds.

  • Theme Support – level of support, documentation, tutorials, and user base
  • Design, visuals – how beautiful the theme is straight out of the box
  • Price – I would say themes and frameworks are generally very affordable, but I know cost is also important to some people.
  • Functionality, flexibility – This will be the most in-depth section because it helps you discover what happens under the hood. It will include things, like additional extensions available, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, security, ease to update, site load speed, and ease of customization (page templates, widget areas,easy of adding custom CSS, child themes).

X theme also has built styling support for popular plugins Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce shopping cart, bbPress forum and BuddyPress social network. This means that these plugins will feel native to each Stack, right after installing them and you don’t need to spend extra time styling them one by one.

x theme review screenshotHowever, you don’t have access to the Visual Composer

X: Unbiased, Detailed and In-Depth Review

[tip]You can read our in-depth, unbiased x theme review as well.[/tip]
That’s a quick overview, but lets dive deeper now.
In order to get to the row, you first have to click on the element, then you can to go the sidebar and click on the “row” breadcrumb. Only then will you be able to get to the row.
10 Integrity theme designs are multipurpose and best suited for small business owners who have a lot of needs. Maybe you want music, fashion, restaurant, photography, agency, video, portfolio, eCommerce, responsive, one page, BuddyPress, real estate friendly WordPress theme? X theme gives you functionality and the visual support to do it all.
Then, there’s the customizer panel – a customization menu built on the original WordPress panel but has been extensively upgraded to give you more control over the function and appearance of your website. Some of the awesome things the customizer allows you to do that affects the way how your site looks include:
While X is not officially titled as a theme framework based on theme functionality, it can be used as one. As I go deeper in reviewing the theme, you will understand how and why.
In the Customizer you can:
As Dana has put it, all these modifications can be done at just a touch of a button and can be previewed live within the same window. You can do this without worrying whether the changes you make are visible to your visitors or not because they remain private until you click the ‘Confirm’ button. This feature cuts back the time because you don’t need to refresh and apply every time you make the changes.
But how does she do this? The answer is One Page Homepages These single page homepages are one of the latest updates on the X Theme allowing developers to build a website with a fixed horizontal navigation menu which takes the visitor down to the relevant sub-section of the page when they click it. The scrolling works efficiently in both directions and the full-width design looks amazing.
WordPress is awash with various themes web designers can use and build upon. For Dana, however, nothing else works for her other than the X. Her business experiencing a significant boost by just using the X theme is proof enough of its functionality and versatility to meet the various needs of each of her clients.
Now let’s explore what’s under the X theme hood and explore how easy it is to customize WordPress with X.

x theme review support partOne problem any web designer will encounter if they are just using one specific theme is the lack of flexibility to make a website unique from the others which are also built on the same theme. Dana, however, points out that this is not a problem with the X theme because you can fully customize your own and make it unique from the rest. That’s because the theme is loaded with features and controls making it impossible for any two X theme websites to look the same.

Support and Documentation


At first glance, Dana James Mwangi looks like the typical wife and mother balancing her time between her husband and kids. Unless you delve a little deeper, you will never know that this dynamo has an additional title under her resume – that of a business person.
Themeco has over 10 dedicated full-time staff who handle support related to X, and their response times are extremely fast. They aim to respond within 24 hours (including the weekends if possible) and generally are able to respond much faster.


In short, she is able to have time for everything without jeopardizing her career and family. In her own words, the X theme is not as complicated to work around and build a website with but not easy enough to be boring to a web designer.
And finally here are Ethos Stack Main Demo Results:

  • Setup section explaining how to install X WordPress theme, setup WooCommerce shopping cart, update and translate X
  • Integrated plugins section explaining how to setup bbPress, BuddyPress, visual composer, revolution slider, and Soliloquy within X WordPress theme
  • Solutions to potential setup issues with Customizer, Revolution slider, visual composer, and navigation
  • Features section explaining page templates, sidebars, one page navigation, sliders, portfolios, mega menus, and gallery
  • Customizer section – detailed explanation how to use Customizer to modify your theme design
  • Addons section explaining all the different addon plugins you get when you purchase X
  • Customizations section
  • Meta Options section
  • WordPress training – in depth training how to start using WordPress, great for new users
  • Shortcodes – visual composer tutorials explaining how to use all 40 built-in shortcodes.

For amateur graphic and web designers –  the X has been used a lot by graphical web designers who utilize the X’s functionality and flexibility without being hardcore programmers. We will be having an interview case study soon with a graphic designer who now creates powerful websites for her clients without being expert programmer.
X theme strong marketing focus is one of the biggest reasons why I like this theme so much. It’s not about just a pretty website, but it is about building a website that leads to results you want. With X, you even get basic marketing training to be a better help for the clients you serve..and be able to charge more since you now provide higher level help.

  • 4 custom wp designs (called Stacks by X)
  • 15 powerful X theme created plugins
  • Demo content – there are 10 different unique designs for the Integrity, Renew, and Icon themes and 3 designs for the Ethos theme. Here you can download the demo content for all these 33 versions and immediately apply it to your website. This is a great way to rapidly achieve exact setup you see in the demo
  • Changelog section – view all the updates, bug fixes, and improvements. This is a good place to learn about the new functionality and see if any bug you had has been fixed. The X theme had 25 major updates in 2014
  • XIP experts – the X theme was built by consulting with the world’s top online marketers. In this section, you can exactly see what advice these top 10 marketers gave to the X theme creators
  • Marketing training section – here you can watch in-depth videos about marketing and entrepreneurship which will help you to think like a marketer when creating websites for yourself or your clients. From these videos, you will get basic understanding about affiliate marketing, buying and selling websites, email marketing, power of membership websites, SEO, information products, selling online, and using videos as a marketing tool.
Learn basics of internet marketing with X videos - x theme reviewX is a much cheaper solution compared to its competitors, but the value and functionality you get for the price is amazing. X theme is here to disrupt the WordPress market loudly standing out of the crowd.

Unlike other theme designers who leave you hanging to figure out how to solve a problem, the team behind the X answer properly and provide good answers. This is reflective of the company’s goal which is to understand all the custom projects being built using the x theme and in so doing they will be able to help you support the development.

X has gorgeous retina visuals and stunning animation effects.When creating new posts and pages, there is also the X short code button, which allows you to quickly add powerful functionality anywhere you want. There are 40 different functionality short codes you can add in all. Make sure you preview live demos to understand why I am so excited about X built-in short codes.

Design and Visuals

The new X Theme 4.0 update
For total beginners – you can easily build websites using one of the 33 pre-built designs and customize basic looks with the X visual editor and theme options without touching any code.
Table of Content:
I mentioned earlier that moving sections is really easy. The same, however, can not be said for moving individual blocks. It might be easy to move a block to an adjacent block, but if you want to move one block from the top of a page to the bottom, good luck. In all fairness, Visual Composer wasn’t good with this either, but at least you could take the piece and scroll down with the scroll wheel. With Cornerstone, you can’t do that.
When you buy X, you don’t just get one theme, you get 4 unique designs (called Stacks) and 33 unique pre-built demos.

  1. Integrity is the most feature rich, cool all-purpose WordPress business theme
  2. Renew is a creative, clean, professional theme, focused around flat web design trend
  3. Icon is the simplest theme with minimal design, no distractions
  4. Ethos is a versatile theme best used for news or magazine websites, where vast amounts of content needs to be displayed in one page.

We actually did interview with Dana, a professional web designer who scaled her design business by using X theme effectively. Learn how she did it and listen to the interview now!

integrity-themeco-x-wordpress-business-child-themeFor example Integrity theme demo has:


X theme has been built up using the latest, semantic HTML5 markup allowing search engine spiders to easily read different parts of content starts and ends. It also easily understands what the content is about.
First of all, you can download the 40-page PDF documentation explaining how X theme works and how you can set it up.

1-icon-themeco-x-wordpress-stack-child-themeThings to consider when choosing WordPress theme or framework:


[ctt title=”Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment ~Baltasar Gracian” tweet=”Baltasar Gracian: “Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.”” coverup=”vU0dr”]
All the X designs are fully responsive, 100% fluid, and retina ready ensuring that your website looks amazing even on high resolution displays.

renew-themeco-x-wordpress-business-child-themeCurrently, the X WordPress theme has been purchased more than 40,000 times and answered over 20,000 support questions (within Themeforest and their website). X theme definitely was one of the best WordPress themes in 2014, and has committed to do even better in 2015.


[tip]Read our in-depth, unbiased x theme review as well to understand if X WordPress theme is for you.[/tip]
X theme doesn’t have built-in SEO options but you should install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for every WordPress installation anyway.
Once you buy the theme, you get access to X forum where you can ask all your interesting questions. Questions can also be asked within Themeforest comments though the main activity happens on the forum. On Themeforest alone, there have been 3,600 comments answered while more than 20,000 questions have been answered within the forum.
Within the X dashboard, you get access to following resources:

xtheme refundWhile the built-in library is impressive, you don’t really have access to the Visual Composer or it’s extensions, such as specialized content band effects, overlays, and little arrows. True, you can take the shortcode from another page and embed it into the text box, but who wants to?

The Cost

[ctt title=”Good Design is Good Business. – Thomas Watson” tweet=”Good Design is Good Business. @1stwebdesigner” coverup=”f2m9z”]

What exactly do you get for $63?

  • Free updates and support
  • Textual and video training videos for both WordPress and their theme usage
  • 20 internet marketing training videos
  • Four different Stacks with specific functionality for each plus 33 more unique designs.
  • 15 additional plugins developed by X
  • 400 vectorized icon fonts
  • Revolution Slider plugin ($15 value)
  • Visual Composer Plugin ($28)
  • All designs in PSD version
  • 41 built-in short-codes to extend your site functionality
  • single site license. There is no multi-site license, which means you will need to purchase theme again if you want to use it for several websites.

Downside though is that you loose access to Visual Composer.

X Refund Policy

One of my biggest issues with X was that I found their version of Visual Composer much slower than the normal one. Themeco explained that it was because they would automatically save the page every few seconds. Luckily, they’ve completely changed that in the new update.

x-wordpress-theme-functionality-responsiveDana’s clients are an interesting lot – from companies who have been in the business for decades to business owners who have just started out. While there is no problem building a website for someone who has an established experience and an extensive portfolio, the real challenge comes from those who have little or almost nonexistent portfolio desiring to establish a web presence. This predicament will rattle any web designer, but not Dana who understands the importance of Web presence.

X Theme Functionality, Customizability & Flexibility

Demo content feature in action. Choose demo content, click on few radio buttons and you are done.

Search Engine Friendliness (SEO)

If you are looking for links mentioned as well as transcript, here is an original article.
Keep these things in mind when previewing performance reports. If you would want to include all of the functionality and visuals, you will need to make trade-offs how fast your site loads. For usual website you would use 1/3 or 1/4 of all the functionality and visuals X has included in the demo.
The biggest danger with security is when you don’t update WordPress version, themes, and plugins. With the X theme, you can choose to enable automatic updates for theme and plugins to ensure you are always up to date and possible bugs that come up are fixed fast.


Then on top of that, you will be able to further customize a theme by creating a child theme to overwrite the styling of the Stack you use.
X theme has been built from a marketer’s perspective, which is what I like most about the X theme. Because in the end, no matter how beautiful your website is, what matters most is that your website gives you the results you desire and the leads to conversions.
As someone who spent half of my design time clicking the “Preview” button, this was a godsend. I actually assumed that it would work similar to how the Customizer worked where it usually takes a few seconds until it reloads the page, but it’s actually instantaneous. The same also applies to their on page custom CSS and Javascript.

Updates and security

X is using Themeforest from the Envato network to sell their theme which means you will need to follow the Envato refund policy. Envato Market will generally only offer refunds if the item you purchased is broken, malfunctioning, or corrupt, or doesn’t work as described.

Built-In Customization Options

You get access to X own support center, besides being able to use Themeforest comment section.
Aside from the amazing customer service support, the X Theme also provides a number of video support which help you set up the theme from the beginning to using the customizer to modifying your site. Then, there’s also the support forum which provides relevant answers within a short period of time. Furthermore, members are given access to an extensive written documentation that carries the answers to any possible issues they might encounter. This is a very great alternative just in case the videos won’t suffice.

x-theme-customizer-demo-optionsThere are 15 plugins built by X which you can use to add more functionality to your website. Since X is built with marketing in mind, their plugins reflect that.

Icon achieved high results in the Google user experience loading pretty fast considering the page size is 1.8mb.

builtin-theme-co-customize-visual-editorThis is especially great for large sites that want a certain look and feel to part of their site. You can actually save blocks to be used for later. You can also use blocks and templates created by other designers as well as Themeco templates.

As a conclusion, it was really hard to review 4 main theme designs and their 33 demos because every design is truly unique. One thing about X theme demos is that most designs look great because of the great product images and photographs which can be a downside if you don’t have access to great looking images. Keep that in mind, when looking for a WordPress theme you will use to build website for your client.

  • choose between 4 Stack (unique designs with with specific features and functionality) options which will, in turn, provide you with different set of options within the customizer
  • customize whole site typography, textual logo settings
  • customize button style, header navigation position, footer widget areas, and contents
  • change main blog, single blog, and archive pages styles and layout
  • add social media profile, RSS buttons
  • add favicon, Touch icon for retina displays and tile icon for Microsoft
  • add custom CSS or Javascript scripts like Google Analytics snippet
  • customize widget areas.

Create Custom Posts and Pages

When looking at the themes in terms of SEO, the most important factor is site loading speed. We will explore how fast loading X theme is in the speed section, but keep in mind X has included lots of beautiful visual effects, retina support. If you want to use these features, you need to expect your site will take a bit more to load, for SEO focused sites Icon minimal designs probably will be the best choice.
Who X theme is for:

xtheme-shortcodes-custom-featuresTheir knowledge base is very helpful including textual as well as video explanations covering basic and advanced customization topics.

Make Use of Built-in Short Codes


  • accordion menus great for FAQ pages
  • add table of contents within a post. Great if you have a long post (like this) and you want to add easy navigation for readers. Also Google really loves table of contents.
  • responsive pricing table
  • tabbed content
  • animated modern counter
  • code shortcode to easily add HTML, CSS  or any other code. Great for tutorials.
  • Google map embed
  • animated skill bar
Get access to 15 more plugins for added functionality with X.Icon is the fastest demo, because of the minimal style.

Additional Functionality with Extensions

For our X demos, we do not have any extensive caching setup or use any CDNs. This is done to show as “raw” a result as possible without all of this extra setup as many users do not take the time to do these things. However, with a little bit of proper server-side configuration these metrics can increase significantly to ensure things are running as smoothly as possible.”
Enjoy professional minimalism with Icon theme styles.
At the start of article I promised to help you make suggestions so you can choose the right tools, that will be the most effective for you. This review intended to show off X best features and possible challenges, and I hope you already have a good picture if this theme is right for your development style.

  • There is a minimal CSS output to the page, eliminating extra HTTP requests and keeping page size as small and efficient as possible
  • Similar to CSS, JavasScript for these extensions is kept inline whenever possible to make the page load faster
  • Extensions expand in more short codes which you can use to mix together with core short codes to get a new functionality.

Professional developers and web designers can choose to deactivate the visual components and work in code straight from admin section. No need to touch FTP, re-upload files, or setup local servers anymore.
A little more than a month ago, changed X with one of it’s biggest updates yet. Aside from overall bug fixes, they introduced a brand new interface which they called Cornerstone.

  • Video Lock – this plugin allows you to control when the call to action button appears on your video. Great for landing pages, where there is only video. Only after the visitor has been hooked with the video does the buy button appear. You would usually need to pay for such feature as a standalone plugin.
  • Content Dock – allows you to slide out any content or marketing offer you want as read scrolls down your content. Great to use to show up related articles, opt-in form.
  • Mailchimp – integration with the popular Mailchimp email solution to build your email list
  • Add Disqus comments
  • Add Custom 404 page
  • Easily add Google Analytics to your website
  • Add Facebook comments to your articles
  • Olark live chat integration – great way to interact with visitors and answer their questions while they are making decision to purchase your product
  • Smooth scroll – add smoother scrolling to default scrollbar
  • Revolution slider – build complex slides and demonstrate features with style
  • Soliloquy – alternatively add lightweight slider for simple picture display effects
  • Terms of use – add terms of use checkbox and page when users register on your website
  • Under construction – handy little maintenance plugin you can easily activate when doing updates. Customize the page visitors see during maintenance
  • White label – personalize your site login page and add custom messages to your clients within dashboard.

Their knowledge base is really comprehensive with the following sections:
Their theme is mostly purchased by designers and is even used by the Utah US government. It does require quite a bit of learning before you can utilize the X theme to its full potential. I do believe it would take at least a few days of studying to use maximize the X theme’s full potential. This is pretty easy, though with their thorough documentation and training videos.

How Fast And Optimized For Speed X is?

[ctt title=”Nobody should miss out on having a web presence, even if you have just started your business ~Dana James Mwangi” tweet=”Dana James Mwangi: “Nobody should miss out on having a web presence, even if you have just started your business”” coverup=”aA9v2″]
“While these speed tests can be a good indicator of things in general, there are certain aspects of their testing that we as theme authors have no control over.
What has been your experience with ThemeForest themes and more importantly have you tried X theme? Would love to hear your experience in comments section!

  • background fullscreen video in place, which looks amazing, but it is sizeable video file;
  • all the shortcodes are active so you can demo them;
  • Woocommerce shopping cart is active
  • there are 12 active pages for preview
  • BuddyPress and bbPress is activated

Finally, I reached out to X creators and got their feedback and suggestions regarding WordPress theme load speed. Kory Wakefield, X lead developer shared some really good tips in general and explained what they are doing to make X fast:

X full demo page size is 8.5mb, taking site to load in 5 seconds.In a nutshell, X theme intends to be great choice for everybody, not only professionals, but it is also very beginner friendly. Professionals will find lots of helpful functionality, shortcodes and functions built in to improve their site development speed. Beginners will find many helpful training videos, visual editors, where they can achieve results they want by just clicking the buttons. X is basically a visual website builder for beginners, and lets professional go under the hood and utilize X built-in functionality.

Integrity Stack Main Demo Results:

  • Google PageSpeed – 79/100 for desktop, 54/100 for speed, 98/100 for user experience
  • Pingdom – performance grade 72/100, load time – 4.37 seconds, page size 3.3 mb, 103 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 90%, YSlow Grade – 76%, page load time 5.18 seconds, total page size 8.50 mb

Renew themes are all about being flat and beautiful.

GTmetrix-x-theme-renew-performance-report-speedWhen I reached out to X theme founders and asked what is the single best thing about their theme, they responded with one word – SUPPORT.

Renew Stack Main Demo Results:

  • Google PageSpeed – 74/100 for desktop, 62/100 for speed, 92/100 for user experience
  • Pingdom – performance grade 87/100, load time – 3.60 seconds, page size 959.2kb, 48 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 84%, YSlow Grade – 80%, page load time 3.25 seconds, total page size 970kb

You must have a Stack (how X refers to its 4 unique designs) selected to use X. Switching Stacks doesn’t just mean you get a new skin, it means you’ll get a whole new set of styles, features, and functionality specific to that Stack. For example, Icon’s unique fix sidebar is only available in that Stack because you cannot use it in any others. Additionally, Ethos’ magazine-type has features, such as Post Carousel, Post Slider, featured post display, and more, which are only available in that Stack.

GTmetrix-x-theme-icon-performance-report-speedX is here to disrupt the market and aim for being the theme of 2015. It is an amazing theme, you can get with only investment and use it to quickly build high quality and great looking websites for your clients.

Icon Stack Main Demo Results:

  • Google PageSpeed – 73/100 for desktop, 53/100 for speed, 99/100 for user experience
  • Pingdom – performance grade 90/100, load time – 1.93 seconds, page size 1.8mb, 60 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 86%, YSlow Grade – 79%, page load time 3.06 seconds, total page size 1.84mb

X theme truly looks awesome on all devices and it is following latest web standards meaning it is HTML5 valid.
There are icon fonts, optimized CSS, retina logo, and favicon support looking sharp on any device. You can also specify within theme settings what elements will be shown or hidden on different size screens.

  • Google PageSpeed – 75/100 for desktop, 63/100 for speed, 99/100 for user experience
  • Pingdom – performance grade 89/100, load time – 2.52 seconds, page size 2.2 mb, 50 requests
  • GTMetrix – page speed grade 94%, YSlow Grade – 79%, page load time 3.95 seconds, total page size 2.16mb

Currently X is the Number 2 theme on ThemeForest, but seeing what X has created, I am very confident this year that X will gain the No. 1 spot.
Get access to 15 more plugins for added functionality when you purchase X.
X theme was launched on December 2013 by Scott Marlow and Kyle Wakefield. After working for a year on X theme, they released it to the public one year ago. They don’t have a long background in the WordPress field like the Genesis founder but they are very experienced entrepreneurs. They came in the market with a fresh look to bring in innovation and change.
X is truly a steal deal for designers.
X full demo page size is 8.5mb, taking site to load in 5 seconds.
X has gorgeous retina visuals and stunning animation effects.
There aren’t really any third party plugins for the X theme yet but seeing how fast they are growing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some in future.

  1. Some scripts and libraries are loaded in specifically by WordPress and we have no control over their placement. For example, WordPress loads its bundled jQuery library in the <head> of the site, and since it is a bad practice to remove this and move it elsewhere, this must be left in place.
  2. Plugin authors include their own scripts and styles and we have no control over how this is handled. Some authors might include multiple files for their plugin at once, which will make these systems say “you have too many HTTP requests, please reduce them”, but again, we have no control over this.
  3. Regarding deferring the parsing of JavaScript, we avoid inline script tags whenever possible, and utilize HTML data attributes extensively to keep JavaScript in their own files, but still have access to data from PHP. Our recent short-code JavaScript overhaul in v3.0.0 of the short-codes plugin significantly reduced the amount of inline <script> tags, providing large gains in this area.

In fact, they’ve actually already made a few changes based on issues the community have brought up. For example, a big issue was that the text editor was too small for large pieces of text, after hearing about it, they made a modification to the system that allowed the text editor to stretch. Not exactly the most groundbreaking change, but the fact that they heard what the community wanted and responded is always a good sign.

  1. Always make sure your site is gzipped to ensure speedy delivery of your content. Gzipping is a method of compressing a website’s markup, JavaScript, and CSS before sending it to the client to reduce their sizes and therefore increase loading speed.
  2. Setting up caching on the server level can help to ensure that resources are saved for easy recall later and quicker loading times
  3. Caching plugins can take this a step further by creating “static files” from dynamic PHP to make things even quicker on the front-end (this must be used with caution though as it can be known to create problems if it is not setup properly)
  4. Setting up a CDN can help load resources from multiple domains and combine scripts/styles into fewer HTTP requests rather than many.

For several years, Themeforest themes had a bad reputation because most themes don’t use the best coding practices. Themes are bloated adding unnecessary code and making theme files and databases larger and slower than they should be. The situation has been improving but still it is the case with most of the ThemeForest themes.

X is beginner friendly

I’m really excited to see what more they have in store.
10 Icon theme designs are great if you prefer minimal and clean style. There are 10 unique demos available, which basically means you get 10 different minimal website designs. Demos are incredible and once you find design you or your client likes, you can activate it with a click of button, add content, change visuals and you’re done.
For advanced programmers – the X is very extensive and has plenty of action hooks which you can use throughout the theme for making alterations. Heavy modifications are easily possible using “Views”, that break the theme up in smaller pieces. Think of each View as a Lego brick which can be used together with other bricks to build a more complex structure.
As an early adopter, I updated my theme as soon as I got the email about the update. Let’s just say I had a few issues at first, and so did much of the X theme community (the poor staff were probably up all night answering the same questions for the first 3 days). After using it for a month, however, I feel like I have a good hand on it allowing me to see some of its main pros and cons.
Learn more about X theme customization best practices and available actions and hooks.
Now this is where X really shines. X looks amazing straight out of the box and you can duplicate their beautiful demos to achieve the same look and layout with just a click of button! That is pretty damn impressive!
You can create and customize custom pages easily using the Visual Composer page builder. This is great for quickly creating one page layouts, landing pages, or custom home pages.
A couple of years ago, they achieved the Power Elite status on Themeforest in just six months by selling ,000,000+ worth of WP themes and achieving the fastest selling Themeforest theme status.

The X theme is packed with customization options allowing you to use it as a fully functional website builder if you choose so.
There is more to the extensions than you would guess at the first moment.

  • WordPress X Theme Review: Is It Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be? – written from a straight up user objective point of view.
  • X Theme Review – Is It REALLY The Ultimate WordPress Theme?

1stWebDesigner Rating:

X is truly a steal deal for designers.I have to say, I do like X 4.0 Cornerstone update. It was a bold choice by changing to a completely front end system, and Themeco is doing a nice job of it. It does take some getting used to and it still has few kinks to work out. But I trust Themeco to listen to their customers.

Who Should Use X?

With Cornerstone, you can now easily update a page
If you want to have beautiful retina images, video backgrounds and lots of animated sliding effects, you must consider page load time. It’s a gamble and you should decide how much visual effects you want to add. X designs are amazing and the big reason for that are high quality visuals and animation effects. You can customize within the X theme settings what JavaScript effects to use and which ones to leave out to achieve higher site speed or better user experience.
What others are saying about X? Read other reviews:

  • Starting and amateur web designers, who want to be more productive, but don’t have a lot of money to invest to get that. $63 makes it a great starting option.
  • Beginners – even for people, who have never built any website in WordPress, you will be able to build good-looking and functional website with X. It will probably take a week for you to learn the basics. But if you are on budget and not willing to make excuses to yourself, X will be great help to getting your site live and look professional.
  • Freelancers, who work with clients, who don’t know what they really want. With X theme demos, you can put different website concepts together very quickly, build great looking personal brand website and amaze your client with the fast and beautiful results you provide to him.
  • Professional web designers, who appreciate visuals, animation effects and built in time-saving functionality. If you have internet marketing experience, X has strong marketing based functionality, allowing you to really help your clients create CONVERTING websites.

Integrity Stack is pretty heavy because of the video preview on the background and large feature images. The request number is high, because of included JS effects, Woocommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress.

  • If you are building minimal websites with very little visuals and no animation effects, you will not find X as useful, because you simply won’t use most of its features
  • If you are not ready to invest time to learn the theme, X won’t be very easy to set it up. X has lots of functionality built in and you will need to spend time to understand how to use it effectively. If you want to setup super simple website, probably you shouldn’t go with X as a newbie. If you do take time to learn your way around X, you probably never want to use any other theme though.

What I suggest is to look past all the animation effects and include just one or two of them in places where it really counts. For example, include animated video header, but then afterwards don’t add any more animation. Or go for simple clean pattern in background and then include some nice loading effects throughout the design. X theme demos are packed because they want to show everything you can do with their theme. But professional web designers will keep in mind that “less is more” and utilize built-in effects only in places where it counts.
X is very powerful, you can do so much with it, if you know how to utilize X correctly!

Updated: X Theme 4.0 Review & Introducing Cornerstone: WordPress Page Builder

full cornerstoneLearn basics of internet marketing with X videos!

This is the view I get on Appearance>Customize WordPress section. I did deploy Integrity 1 demo on test site, which you can see in screenshot.
Let’s check how fast the X demo designs are using Google Pagespeed, Pingdom and GTmetrix tools. What I like about X is that they seem to be doing the best they can with the beautiful visuals, functionality and animation effects they include in their themes.

Cornerstone modulesX Theme Video Review + Real Case Study & Interview

Now it’s your turn, share your thoughts about X-Theme and maybe how you build your business?

What You Get Inside the Box With X Theme 4.0

I will especially focus on four main criteria:
Asked why she would readily recommend the X Theme to any web designer, she provides two reasons – one on a design perspective and the other on a business perspective. She said that the X is ideal for a business person because it is the only theme that grows with you. You can start from a one page to multiple pages and never worry about support. For a designer, the X theme is great because it allows you to bring your designs to life without any restrictions.

cornerstone 2A woman filled with laughter and positive energy, her smile and enthusiasm are contagious. There’s no hint of burn-out nor tiredness when you talk to her. Even in this short interview, Dana isn’t short of energy as she talks about her family, business, and most importantly, the using WordPress X Theme.

Very Easy to Rearrange The Layout

Icon design is a good choice if you want a white, clean portfolio website design, modern and minimal shop or minimal blog design focused around content.

cornerstone 3Different demos in different sizes for Integrity theme.

View the page instantly on multiple devices

Dana has a lot to rave about the X, but what really got her was its exceptional customer service unexpected from a company of its size. Just like its features and settings bringing satisfaction to its customers, the customer service of the X makes you feel like they are part of your team, which is very crucial and important to business. They give you a feeling that they are always there for you permanently any time of the day.

You can save content blocks as oppose to an entire page

If we would compare Genesis framework and the X theme in terms of price, X theme is 6X cheaper. But there is no option of buying unlimited or multi-site license which means you need to buy a new license for each website you develop.
[ctt title=”It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation – Herman Melville” tweet=”It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation @1stwebdesigner” coverup=”79maa”]

cornerstone 4To begin with, it has four designs, called Stacks, which you can choose from. These stacks provide the foundation for everything you build on around the theme. These stacks are different than child themes because they function as separate entities. However, you can create child themes within each stack allowing you to make any changes the way you would with another theme.

You lose the Visual Composer Library

Cornerstone let’s you see the page at the front end in real time

Individual blocks can be annoying

To conclude, it will take some time to learn how the X theme works. Right after installing the theme, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the functionality I had access. If you make a commitment, however, to spend time to read their getting started PDF guide and view their training videos, you will have serious superpowers in your hands in just a few days.

It takes a bit to learn

What’s a great thing about X extensions is that each of the plugin is maximally optimized to run as fast as possible within X.
Here are just a few examples of what you can add:
Basically all demos showcase everything you can do with the X. Use it as a landing page, one page website, single column, 2-column, animation effects. I keep repeating myself – but with X you can do so much easily!

The Verdict

Compared to other ThemeForest premium WordPress themes, price may seem expensive but if you look at the included features, functionality, training videos, and customer support, it is a steal. You also don’t just get access to one theme, but you get access to a powerful framework with many professional theme designs, free WordPress plugins and world-class support included for no extra cost!
You will be able to see how the page will appear in different devices
Skill bar looks so stunning in action! Use it for your own portfolio site to show off your skills!
When looking at the test results, remember that X theme demos have included lots of visuals, functionality to show off their theme, which is increasing the number or requests and page size.

How Dana Is Building Her Business With X-Theme

X theme does a really good job by not adding unnecessary code to your theme for the features you don’t use. Use X with caution and don’t overdo the effects. It is a bit hard, at first I was taken too much with all the beautiful effects, but you cannot overdo them. Don’t include all the shortcodes, sliders, plugins you can –  only include ones that counts and then your site will look great, load fast and look professional.

Success Story from Dana James Mwangi

While X isn’t called a framework, it is built as one. X might feel as a surprising choice to use as a framework but as you keep reading, you will understand why it’s worth giving this theme a try and why I am considering it the best WordPress theme of 2015.
Dana James is not the only web designer who uses the X theme, but she is surely one of the most vocal advocates of the X. To further prove her point and show her trust on the theme, her personal and business websites have been built on the X. However, if you visit them, and, you won’t suspect that they are using the same theme because they are extremely unique and different from each other.
For example, I couldn’t figure out how to get a row to full width on a page. Coming from the Visual Composer, it was full width by default. But with Cornerstone it would default to part width. After opening up a ticket, one of the staff informed me that I could easily fix that by going to the “row” section in the sidebar, which can’t be accessed through the sidebar or through the front page interface.

The X Factor

This is how Integrity Stack looks right outside of the box.
What’s great about the X theme, according to Dana, is its ability to help her to customize and deliver high quality designs without eating up most of her time. Compared to other themes in the WordPress market, the X is more intuitive allowing her clients to update their own websites. This lifts up the burden of doing everything, even the simplest task, for her clients.
For example:
Getting the design right on every device has always been an issue of mine. I actually felt they made this just for me. Continuing on with the instant page theme, you can now see how your page will appear on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mini Tablet and Smartphone. This pretty much takes away having to go to mobile device sites to test out your page. Not to mention, you don’t have to wait until the page is done to test it.
The Renew site is much lighter and hence achieves pretty good page load speed time.
JavaScript and images slow site the most, strongly consider yourself how many visuals you will include.

Making Things Happen

Hope this helps you to understand how Stacks work, Now, we can dive in deeper into the four main Stacks X has:
Since you are able to create a website with just a single page, clients with a limited portfolio can manage to create an online “home,” as Dana calls it, without really stressing what to put in it. The best thing to this, however, is that you can access it on a much later date and expand your website as your business grows.
Each web designer has different preferences which allows them to express their talent. However, it is also wise to choose or prefer something that is dynamic – something that grows with you. That is what X Theme is all about – already using HTML 5 and CSS3, it gives the assurance that it will continue to develop and provide high-end functionality your site demands. X has done it with Dana and X can also do it with you and your business.
Additionally, some of the items listed in these speed tests are not theme related at all, and instead have to do with server-side configuration:

The Uncanny X Theme

My favorite feature is Demo Content allowing you to pick one of the 33 design demos you like and achieve the same look in a few seconds (without images because of copyright reasons). If you don’t like to start website building process with a blank page, this is an excellent way to start quickly.
How affordable is X?
This might not apply to people just getting the theme but coming from Visual Composer, I found learning how to use it pretty annoying. The basic stuff is pretty easy, since they have great videos on the site. My issues were some of the more technical things, which aren’t so obvious.

  • Changing the Stack
  • Menu and Header Placement
  • Position of the sidebar
  • Colors and Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Full or Boxed width
  • Backgrounds and Logos

As a not so technical person anymore (haven’t been actively developing websites myself for several years), I did appreciate that I could achieve all the functionality and visuals I wanted without touching code. All I need to do is just use their management panel and connect the pieces together. This power makes the X theme a great option for graphic designers to build powerful custom WordPress themes without an extensive programming knowledge.

Practicing What You Preach

Compared to Icon (which is best for light, clean and white designs), Integrity has light and dark, black theme versions and by default is more feature rich. This design sports big background images with parallax effects and possi. Integrity makes an excellent option for landing pages and one page websites presenting your product or services in style.
If you want to see how the new X theme performs, you can view the demo and buy X theme here. Now you know all about X-Theme and what it offers. We couldn’t resist but to share with you this great success story of Dana James Mwangi, who has build a Business with X-Theme.
Cornerstone is unique in that it’s a completely front end site builder system enabling you not to look at the WordPress backend anymore. Instead, you see each page how it is in real time.


The Podcast Episode with Dana James Mwangi
For instance, they might convey that “all scripts should be moved to the bottom of the site” – however, we do not necessarily have control over this for numerous reasons:
10 Renew theme designs are built all around a popular flat design style. Use it for your blog, online store, or portfolio website.

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