30 Free Resources to Help Improve Your Knowledge of WordPress

WordPress Development Updates

1. WordPress Arena

Konstantin Kovshenin

2. WordPress Planet

WordPress Tutorials

3. WordPress.tv

WP.com Blog

4. WeblogToolsCollection

We recently did a round-up of some of the leading design blogs that you need to follow in order to stay up to date with the latest trends in the design world.

5. WordPress Tavern

We Love WP

Some Other Noteworthy Options:

6. WP Engineer

Theme Shaper

7. WordPress News

WP Recipes

8. WordPress Development Updates

WP Modder

9. WPMU.org

Lorelle on WordPress

10. Alltop – WordPress

WP Engineer

11. Planet WordPress (feed aggregator, not a blog)

WPWebHost Blog

12. WordPress.com Blog

WordPress Tavern is
another very popular WP-related blog that features articles and opinion pieces on some of the recent happenings all across the internet pertaining to WordPress.

13. WP Force

WordPress Hacks

14. WP Garage

WordPress Planet is not really a blog – it is an aggregator collecting posts related to WordPress.
WordPress Planet

15. ManageWP

Yoast (Blog)

16. WP Recipes


17. Theme Shaper


18. Lorelle on WordPress

WP Mayor

19. WP Mayor

WP Garage

20. WordPress Hacks

Weblog Tools Collection is one of the most popular WP-related blogs out there – it features theme updates, news, plugin updates and other similar articles.

21. ThemeLab

WordPress News

22. Konstantin Kovshenin

Since no list of websites on any given subject can ever be deemed ‘complete’, I’m sure there are many WordPress-related websites that I’ve missed. Feel free to add to the list by commenting below!

23. WP Modder


24. Yoast (Blog)

The WP Guru

25. WordPress Tutorials (feed aggregator, not a blog)

As the name suggests, WordPress.tv provides videos related to WordPress.

26. The WP Guru

WP Force

27. WP Inspiration

Pippin's Plugins

28. We Love WP


29. WPLift

Planet WordPress

30. WordPress Mods

WordPress Mods

31. LatestWP


32. WPWebHost Blog


33. wpMail.me (email newsletter)

WP Inspiration

34. Pippin’s Plugins

Alltop -- WP

35. WPCandy

In this article we take a look at some blogs and websites that cover WordPress. Most, if not all, design blogs have WordPress-related articles. However, these blogs deal specifically (and, in most cases, ONLY) with WordPress. Also, not all of the websites below are ‘blogs’ – some of them are feed aggregators, some are design showcases and wpMail.me is an email newsletter. However, they are all related to WordPress.
WordPress Arena offers articles related to WP themes, plugins, tutorials and offers some freebies. The website also has a WordPress ‘Showcase’ which features various sites that are built on WordPress.
WordPress Arena

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