How to Create A Kick-ass Coming Soon Page in WordPress with SeedProd Coming Soon Pro

After you’ve chosen your fonts, you can take another look. I ended up going with a font called Miltonian for the headline, and then standard open sans for the body text for contrast.coming soon page example 2
The whole point of a coming soon site is that it allows you to start marketing effectively early on in the stage of development of your new site, and just showing that something is coming soon really isn’t that effective.
seed prod coming soon pro landing page mode
seedprod coming soon pro form settings
This steps takes your coming soon page from a pretty placeholder, to an extremely useful marketing tool.
It does this through the simple, yet powerful design interface.
This means you can start marketing weeks, if not months, earlier than if you just waited for the site to get finished before trying to get people to notice your new site.

Setting Up Your Awesome Coming Soon Page

coming soon page with background image

1. Activate Email SignUp

Why is a good coming soon page important? Well, to put it simply, a good coming soon page (also known as launching soon page) allows you to start building followers before you’ve finished your site. Way before you have created enough content, or before your developer has finished all aspects of your site, or your designer has completed his/her finishing touches.
Now, scroll up a bit to content settings, and write a headline and some copy. (At this point, if you’re not exactly an experienced copywriter, or don’t really know what ‘copywriter’ means except that that guy from Mad Men is one, you might want to do a little prep work. You can familiarize yourself with copywriting through this detailed article, take a course, or go the old fashioned route, and read some books).
One of the many cool things about the SeedProd coming soon pro plugin, is that you can also use it to create a great looking maintenance page for using after your site is live. And with the powerful design interface, you can easily make a great looking one at that.
Depending on the picture and page content, you might want to change the position of the content, or round the corners of the container box. You do this by simply scrolling to the ‘Container’ part of the design settings, and changing the container position, or change the value of border radius. If you want visible curves, you should put 20+ at least. (The pictures below are with a value of 60.)

2. Add Your Logo If You Have One, And Write Some Copy

seedprod coming soon pro background settings
So one thing we can do is find a suitable background image.
While design is crucial to a good coming soon page, it will all be for naught if what’s actually written on it doesn’t intrigue your visitors, and inspire them to sign up to get notified when your site goes live.

3. Design, Design, Design

If you find that the writing is quite hard to read, which happened to me, you can decrease the opacity, and choose a lighter color if you’d prefer dark text on your page, or choose a darker color if you’d prefer light text.
One of the first things you should do, is scroll down to form settings, and change the “Save subscribers to:” to whichever autoresponder or email list provider you use. (If you don’t have one yet, you can get started for free with MailChimp or GetResponse).
Does it feel like a shame, or even a waste, to get to know how to easily create an awesome looking landing page, and then not being able to use it after you launch? Fear not, there’s also a landing page mode, where you set the plugin to only display the landing page on the page of your choice. Found under advanced settings.
Seedprod coming soon pro container opacity settings
coming soon page example 3
The maintenance page uses the same interface as the coming soon page, so you just need to edit your page after launch, and then activate maintenance mode when necessary.
The maintenance page uses the same interface as the coming soon page, so you just need to edit your page after launch, and then activate maintenance mode when necessary.
coming soon page example 1
coming soon page with opaque container
But fear not, you can get images that don’t require any attribution, for free. Some of my favorite websites for this are: Unsplash, Gratisography, and Pixabay, where I found the picture I used for my coming soon page. While these sites work great for some bloggers, others might not be able to find what you’re looking for. They simply don’t have as many photos as some of the bigger marketplaces for paid pictures, and the search functions are often not as intuitive or powerful either.

You Can Also Create Maintenance Pages

I like my background image a lot, and I think it alone conveys the message of what my site will be about quite well, so I definitely don’t want to hide an important part behind a colored box. But I don’t think the text will be all that easy to read if I go with 100% invisible, so I’m going with opaque. Head down to the content settings, and open up the color picker. The bar at the bottom is the level of opacity.
A thing to keep in mind is that you want to avoid using pictures that require attribution (that you give them a link back to their site when using their work). On a coming soon page, an outgoing link to a photographer will only distract your visitors from what you want/need them to pay attention to. And you don’t want to use the work without proper attribution without permission, only to have your web host take your site down because of a legal complaint from the photographer.
You’ve already seen an awesome example above, but here are a few more examples of what can be done, including the final product of my own efforts:

Bypass Url Function

The reason this is important, is that it allows you to build up a following that will help your actual launch become much more effective. If you manage to get a few hundred people to sign-up just in anticipation of your website, then when it’s finally released, many of them will feel encouraged to share your launch on social media, or even tell their friends about it in person.
Inspired yet? Good.

You Can Also Create Landing Pages

coming soon page with progress bar
Editor’s Note: For those of you, who can’t afford premium plugin such as SeedProd, we recently released a beautiful free coming soon theme called Launch. It comes with MailChimp integration and Live Customizer.
seed prod coming soon pro bypass url settings

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